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Bohemian Grove 2014 comes to a close

Yesterday was the final day for the annual gathering of the world’s elite at the Bohemian Grove, in San Francisco. This site has a lot of information for your research: 108 more words

The Moon so Bloody

And then it happened……

I was just about to kiss me girl goodnight when I saw the strangest thing. The moon turned red. Can’t say I’ve ever seen something quite so queer. 326 more words

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Jesus is greater than …

Did you watch the recent soccer World Cup? One of the close games was the semi-final between the Netherlands and Argentina which went to a penalty shoot-out. 2,617 more words


Value each other’s sacrifices | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

I think that couples, over time, have gotten so used to each other’s responsibilities so much so that we see those things that we do for ourselves at home strictly as responsibilities. 772 more words

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About selfishness and early aging

Another interesting karmic relationship is between an habitually selfish attitude and a loving sympathy with others. Some people are hardened egoists — not only in their acquisitiveness — and others are unselfish and sympathetic. 97 more words



In your life there would been many times, you were confused between wrong and right. Not just that, what you should do. In your professional life you should never ever compromise, adjust to anything but when it comes to the personal life you live. 277 more words


Mixing Law and Grace

It’s just continuous. It’s the same old story. Paul ran into it when he was correcting the Galatians. They were saved and set free by the grace of God, but then they let others convince them there was something more they needed or had to do. 2,956 more words