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Crime and 'punishment'

I hear a lot of people mention countries undergoing massive protests or even revolutions, and commenting along the lines of “our government’s not perfect, but at least we have democracy”. 170 more words

Susan Rice - Obama's Sacrificial Lamb

Susan Rice did it again. She appeared on Sunday news shows defending the President’s decision to trade five ultra-dangerous Islamic terrorists from the Guantanamo detention facility for one Sargent Bowe Bergdahl, a Taliban prisoner for the last five years. 271 more words



By Nicholas Nicou

John Michael McDonagh’s third feature film Calvary is a rare force in modern mainstream cinema. Featuring a plot dripping with dark humour, the film invites spectators to consider the blurred spaces between sins and virtues, succeeding in offering a gripping philosophical portrait of a society in decay and a community in moral turmoil. 1,171 more words


The Sacrificial Lamb

The setting is a track at a small college in Minnesota. It is the first day of the Conference Championships, and the first heat of the preliminaries in the 800 Meter Run is just finishing. 663 more words