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Give me "angry messiah"

Okay, it’s official:  there is no God.

Because if there were, She would smite the holy fuck out of anyone who crossed this ungodly threshold. 92 more words

Oklahoma Bishop Compares Black Mass to Burning the Koran/Sign Protest Petition

Archbishop Coakley renews call to cancel public performance that would be offensive to Catholics.

Archbishop Paul Coakley of Oklahoma City has appealed to “community standards” to cancel a “black mass” that is scheduled for September. 577 more words

The Fabric of Being (3/5)

1959 New York Closed Class
Tape 289, Side 1
The Infinite Way Principles of God –
The Fabric of Being –
Impersonalization & Nothingization
By Joel Goldsmith… 1,291 more words


Blasphemy! Fury at pop video 'sex on the altar' in Belfast catholic church!!!

More Vatican II Rot!! By their fruits ye will know them…

Furious parishioners have spoken of their horror after discovering a raunchy music video was filmed in their Belfast church. 633 more words

Who would Jesus root for?

The recent uproar over the wonderfully irreverent Italian World Cup ad made me consider the plausible teams that Jesus, a reasonably fanatical Jew from Bethlehem, might consider supporting. 112 more words

Topless FEMEN protestors chain themselves to crucifix on the altar of Madrid cathedral, call for abortion rights (graphic)

Evil Knows No Bounds: Two feminist activists chained Themselves half nude to a crucifix on the altar of the Almudena Cathedral – 


 June 13, 2014 Two FEMEN activists chained Themselves to a crucifix on the Altar of the Cathedral of Almudena in Madrid, Friday.  83 more words

Church Desecration: Tabernacle Broken Into and Hosts Smeared with Excrement

What depravity!

The scene of the crime was the Holy Cross Church of San Giorgio su Legnano, in Lombardy. Unknown vandals broke the tabernacle and threw the consecrated Hosts on the floor and smeared it with human excrement, with which they also defiled the altar.

256 more words