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Failed Writer

Amelie had it in mind to write a novel about African oil. She had all the characters perfectly mapped out along with the intricate plot. She had spent two weeks researching the topic and forming a clear message to the reader. 904 more words


The Last Day in Paris

Annalise walked through the dirty streets of Paris looking for any sign of Henry’s existence. Certain things reminded her of Henry: the clear gray of the Seine, the dirty puddles, the Arab vendors, the creamy texture of a hot chocolate, but nothing pointed directly to him. 616 more words


Saying sorry to my love Aaron (sad love story)

I’m sorry Aaron I really am, I’m sorry you never loved me, I’m sorry I was never good enough for you, I’m sorry that you don’t want me, I’m sorry for ever believing you, I’m sorry for everything, I can’t force someone to love me, I truly am sorry Aaron. 799 more words

Sad Love Story

Men Of Violence

They drove almost 2 ½ hours to go to a restaurant.

It was a damn good one with a live guitarist and an angry flamenco dancer. 475 more words


An August Tragedy

August had often thought about how it would be when they eventually crossed paths.

He couldn’t imagine dying and not seeing her one last time or hearing about her from someone that they both knew. 587 more words


Hum To Smjhe The Ke Zakham Hai Bhar Jayega - FB Post

Hum To Smjhe The Ke Zakham Hai Bhar Jayega,,,
Kya Khabar Thi Ke Rog Dil Me Utar Jayega,,,
Theek Likha Tha Mere Hath Ki Lakeeron Me,,, 9 more words

Fb Post