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The Sight Of My Demise ...

In a room of my life,
On the bed of my death,
I see tears in my eyes,
I see the pain I never knew I had; 97 more words


spread your infinity

over the matrimony of heaven and earth.

with the stars as our witness,

as our sanctuary

each glimpse of hope is a divine welcome. 19 more words

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forward escape

calm distractions.

fulfilled emptiness.

peaceful chaos.

i hope

you shine

on your endlessness.

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tell me you need me.

if you dont then tell me something else.

a bedtime story so i can sleep.

and in my dreams i pretend… 13 more words

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today will end today

today will end today.

but not you.

because you are forever.

your goodbyes will not be goodbyes.

and your farewells are not farewells.

you are… 6 more words

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You Don't Know ..

You don’t know what it’s like
To suffocate on your own thoughts,
Wishing you’d end your own life,
Wishing you’d just die and rot;

You don’t understand how it feels… 69 more words

Future Me

The passing wind sang a sad song
And I tagged along
The leafs started to cry
As their tears dropped down on me from up high… 149 more words