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I am the corpse that has been rotting
I am the decayed feelings of a decayed heart
I am the last breath of a collapsed lung… 72 more words


We both know that each other cares

There’s just a certain kind of flair

When we look from each others chair’s

We both try not to stare… 46 more words

[Creative Writing] an untitled poem

All I ever was
is what I’ll always be–
nothing but a burden;
it’s all you’ll ever see.

Regardless of how I try,
you’ll never be satisfied. 56 more words

Creative Writing

Echoes of Love

(NaPoWrimo14 Day 15)

I swore I’d never walk this path
At the last minute
I was bade to come forward
By the light of your love… 72 more words


the sum of all faith's forces

one day you’ll say

everything conspired to make me love you.

on that day i’ll say

love is

the sum

of all faith’s forces.

Poem Sanctuary

Daily Thought #5

We’ve made our beauty


Because we learned the world isĀ 


To beautiful things



of all the magic,

i believe in you.

and i wont get enough.

blame it on the power

revealed on me,

im an observer

waiting in the wings, 10 more words

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