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You Don't Know ..

You don’t know what it’s like
To suffocate on your own thoughts,
Wishing you’d end your own life,
Wishing you’d just die and rot;

You don’t understand how it feels… 69 more words

Future Me

The passing wind sang a sad song
And I tagged along
The leafs started to cry
As their tears dropped down on me from up high… 149 more words


loved stories

the world is made up of little love stories.

epic. slow. unfinished. undying.

that’s why i take advantage of our lapses of escapes together.

so by then as soon as its over, 11 more words

Poem Sanctuary


Oh, what have they done?
I have become fearful
Of the real one.

I dare not click like
On the true you
I’m afraid you will dislike. 47 more words


This Anger In Me ...

Engulfed by sheer rage and fear,
An emotion disastrous,
It’s anger, an unholy cage of tears;

Had to learn to smile
Through my heart’s wrath, 51 more words

The Well

As i turn right darnkess i see
there is nowhere else i wanna be
i’m inside this world ,
inside this cell.
i’m locked up inside ,
76 more words


Golden Tree

Here on this evergreen hill,
Where the sky sets purple
The wind sings at evening,
Dandelions and fireflies
Dance filling the skies.
Stands this tree, a golden… 126 more words

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