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The Sight Of My Demise ...

In a room of my life,
On the bed of my death,
I see tears in my eyes,
I see the pain I never knew I had; 97 more words

Made to Bleed


I’ve been through it.

I’ll be in it again.

The angel with the broken sins.

You take a cup of sugar.

Don’t ask me for a spoon. 65 more words
















For the ones with their sorrow in the darkest nights, running for redemption


I say I don’t want to be found but really, I leave breadcrumb hints for you to find, sifting through conversations. 219 more words

You Don't Know ..

You don’t know what it’s like
To suffocate on your own thoughts,
Wishing you’d end your own life,
Wishing you’d just die and rot;

You don’t understand how it feels… 69 more words

Hungry Eyes



I was captured with a glance.
Entangled by your smiles.
You used me up and spit me out,
And it was okay for a while. … 150 more words


Uski batein phool hon jaise

Uski batein phool hon jaise

Baki batein Fazool hon jaise.

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