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First post

So this is my first official blog entry but not actually my first blog. I tried blogging before but I’m not good at it so I deactivated all of it. 89 more words

Sad Stuff


I opened up the “Add New Post” page because I wanted to vent out my frustrations but I don’t even know what exactly I wanna rant about??? 366 more words

Sad Stuff

Thoughts While Watching a Dog Die

TheĀ  summer is a bad time to work on an ambulance. There’s heat strokes and drowning children and wrecks and sports injuries. Everyone is up to something, wether it be kids off of school or people on vacation traveling or buddies drinking in the warmth of the season. 1,467 more words

Sad Stuff


I’m in so much pain rn.

Probably a weird time to quote The Script but literally how I feel rn is “my head is pounding, my vision’s blurred” and everything else really hurts. 69 more words

Sad Stuff


I want to be everything you’ve ever wanted because you’ve been many things for me. But, do I really deserve you? Do I deserve access to your heart? 55 more words

Sad Stuff

My mouth still tastes bitter
from the hasty goodbye kiss you
planted on my lips .
My lungs still smolder
from the cigarettes I burnt…

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Battle of My Life

I’ve spent 90% of my life – not my adult life, my WHOLE life – hating myself. For as long as I can remember, I dreamed of being anyone, but me. 473 more words