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A Rollercoaster of emotions and GINGERBREAD HOUSES

Hey guys, can we all just talk about how good I’m being in regards to posting, like it’s been three consecutive days.. I mean cmon! 194 more words


Right Now, Right Here

The clock is ticking slowly. Even time is reluctant to drip away. You open your tired eyes and look for something. Our eyes meet and you smile. 191 more words


Beloved Part 4A

Author : chocolate
Length : Chapter
Genre   : Romance, little
                     yadong, NC-21, 
                     hurt, sad
Cast   :
                  Cho kyuhyun (SJ), 
                  Shin Hyunri OC

Choco’s speech:
Aku kurang tau ini panjang atau pendek tapi aku berterima kasih buat yang udah mau ninggalin komen di ff aku.Makasih bagi yang udah mau baca ff aku, Dan yang nungguin ff ini terbit*mungkin juga gak ada yang nungguin. 1,608 more words


Tribute to the Unsung Heroes

It was a very hot afternoon, some weeks to Christmas. The hawker boy ran between the vehicles that had been caught in a hold up on the ever busy Lagos-Ibadan expressway. 341 more words

Mumbles And Jumbles

Fallen Petals

Her heart was once a beautiful flower.

Petals shining bright, rosy pink,

The color of her cheeks.

Her unfading smile,

The sun to help her heart bloom. 48 more words


[Trilogy] My Fault: About Them

My Fault by Scailis Sher || Main Cast(s):  Kwon Jiyong (Big Bang) & Kiko Mizuhara (Japanese Model) || Minor Cast(s):  - || Genre(s):  Romance, Sad, Hurt/Comfort.  1,085 more words