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How Big?

The man sat ‘neath the moon and stars,

soul’s deep tears like liquid scars.

They asked him of how big his heart;

he spoke through whispers of his art. 116 more words


Daily Quote: Ironic much??

It kills me sometimes, how people die.

- Markus Zusak, The Book Thief


सुना है काफी पढ़ लिख गए हो तुम,
कभी वो बी पढ़ो जो हम कह नहीं पाते !!


Stick-on Stars

The stars on my ceiling remind me of you,

They’re pretty but they aren’t real

They are bright and seem to be alive

But I know that they just cant feel… 34 more words


I have…no wait, I had a friend. She has depression. For the past year I stood by her side in order to do everything I could to support her through school, home life everything and anything.

368 more words


Kids, all of us.

4 year old cry babies trapped inside

Of stretched out and worn out bodies

With non existent tearducts, blocked

Like clogged pipes in an abandoned building. 162 more words