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Everlasting life.

We water a rosebush

To steal all the roses

And then watch them die

For our pleasure and enjoyment

To make our eyes happy

We even feed them a little as they’re dying… 73 more words



Why do I feel like a robot? Does anyone in this world feel what I’m feeling? Or am I just the only one who is feeling this way? 45 more words


Falling to Pieces

I scare myself. For as long as I can remember I’ve had problems dealing with the thoughts in my head. I find the easiest tasks to be so hard to complete. 910 more words


The Train

I’d like to get off now… off of this train. So bold is it to hold my head against its glass and taunt me with nature’s magnificence, and expect me to stay aboard. 402 more words


My Biggest Hurdle Right Now

I go through phases – but some do linger. Earlier on I wrote a rather frantic post in regards to the issue, but decided to scrap it in favour of something more under-control. 425 more words

Holding On To One Good Day

Time ticks and then it goes where?
When happy fades you are but broken
Hoping to be picked up when left bare
Through it all loneliness strikes again… 29 more words

lady death

when I’m not so visible

you think you’re invincible


but it’s not that I’m

not around


I’m the outer edges

of shadow where… 111 more words