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How often do you have your saddle fit checked?

A recent trial conducted by Sue Dyson, Head of Clinical Orthopaedics at the Centre for Equine Studies at the Animal Health Trust has completed research on ill-fitting saddles resulting in back pain in both horse and rider, as well as muscle asymmetry, lameness and gait abnormality. 400 more words

Wow Saddles

Balance Saddle Review - Part 1

After the horrible treeless saddle experience (the saddle wasn’t even the worst part, the customer service was. Saving that for another day…), I decided I had to do something different. 517 more words


Savage amusement

Apologies for the hiatus here on the blog. It’s finally summer, and I have been spending maximum time outside, basking in the sun.  That awful winter still isn’t behind me, and I’ve been grateful for every nice day we’ve had, and have been trying to take advantage of all of them. 887 more words

Dressage Lessons

Choosing the Right Girth

Choosing a girth can be a bit of a minefield with many different designs and types on the market making it difficult to know how to select the best choice for your horse or pony. 350 more words

A fitting end?

To make a long and uninteresting story short, I’ve continued to be plagued by saddle issues, and finally concluded that my Albion, with it’s deeper seat and decent-sized blocks just doesn’t work for me.   293 more words

Off Track

Saddle fitting and Reflocking coming up!

So excited to finally have this underway.  Busy week, with a guest stay at a different barn, a demo clinic in Wilton, and the saddle fitting. 91 more words

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