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Saddle pad that doesn't touch the withers...- saddle fitting made easy?

Recently, one of my clients was looking for a good quality saddle pad that can help with comfort for her posture and shape changing horse. When bringing horses back from long periods of no work or very inconsistent work, the back comfort is almost always an issue as the horse often moves crookedly and/or changes shape rapidly as rehabilitative work progresses. 329 more words

Saddle Fit

A small detail with big impact on your seat...

Have you ever struggled with correcting “chair seat”? Does your lower leg swing forwards and you are often told to “keep your legs back” in your lessons? 306 more words

Rider Development

No back, no rider: take care of your back

I began to trot but had gone only once  around the arena when a sharp sudden pain in my back said: STOP RIGHT NOW OR ELSE!

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Horses And Life

Does my saddle have to hurt me?

Maybe it’s part of getting older, but about a year ago I suddenly decided I was done with having saddles that hurt me. “There has to be a way,” I thought, “to find a saddle that fits both me AND the horse!”

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Why I sometimes ride Treeless

Treeless saddles have their fanatical fans and their equally fanatical enemies. As usual, I try to be the voice of reason and practical experience in the middle. 854 more words

Saddle Fit