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Does my saddle have to hurt me?

Maybe it’s part of getting older, but about a year ago I suddenly decided I was done with having saddles that hurt me. “There has to be a way,” I thought, “to find a saddle that fits both me AND the horse!”

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Why I sometimes ride Treeless

Treeless saddles have their fanatical fans and their equally fanatical enemies. As usual, I try to be the voice of reason and practical experience in the middle. 854 more words

Saddle Fit

Tractors, Saddle Fit and a Show

Although the title sounds epic, this will be a pretty bland post, especially because I have no pictures from this weekend.


So as I wrote on Friday, our Thursday ride was wonderful. 949 more words

Saddle slipping or riding the round barreled horse

It wasn’t Ellie, but another round bellied horse. We were having a pleasant hand gallop out on the polo field, and I was just thinking, “oh how nice this is, how lovely this feels”, 667 more words


The Saddle Pad Test

I’ve been busy with some RL things lately and haven’t had the inclination or concentration to put together an article for the blog, so I’m cheating and going to link to a short article for all to read, ponder, and test out. 122 more words