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The Art of Liberation... ANYONE CAN

Life throws you unexpected curveballs and it takes an emotion toll on you. Things begin to look bad. You soon find your self on a list of prescription drugs. 298 more words


Utkatasana o la Postura de la Silla

Utkata= poderoso, fiero, potente

asana= postura

Esta asana presenta un gran desafío al estudiante, ya que le exige de toda su capacidad de ejercer fuerza y resistencia, en el intento de mantener los muslos paralelos al suelo o un poco más arriba de forma que se pueda mantener el muslo y la pantorrilla en un ángulo de 45° o 50° por la parte posterior, recibiendo el peso del cuerpo entero, sobre todo sosteniendo la verticalidad de la espalda, haciendo que sea complejo este esfuerzo. 647 more words


Week 40: Ahimsa

I’m back to the first of the Yamas, Ahimsa.  This week I’m looking at connection. 119 more words


Restoring Honor to Hindu Offerings in Jamaica Bay

Earlier this month, “Sacred Waters: A Collection of Hindu Offerings from Jamaica Bay” opened at the Queens Museum, presented as part of the Museum’s Community Partnership Exhibition Program and hosted by the progressive Hindu coalition… 1,268 more words

Autumn Equinox Sadhana: Inner Revolution with Durga's fierce vigour.

2.29 am GMT today: Autumn Equinox. New Moon Approaching. Blessings.

I have been ritually honouring the turning points of time ( beginning of a new month, cross-quarters , Equinoxes and Solstices ) on the wheel of the year since an early age – my teens! 832 more words

Week 39: Satya

I have tendencies. Sometimes I notice them more during transitional periods, like changes in season. As I transition to Fall this week, I will explore… 149 more words


7 creative ideas to make sure we practice Sudarshan Kriya daily!

Its an indisputable fact that Sudarshan Kriya is good for us. Super smart researchers at Harvard have conducted studies to show how this Science of Breath can benefit and impact the mind and body and help us overcome disease and stress. 582 more words