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Message from the book “Day after Day with Swami Dayananda”

There are two types of sādhana, bahiraṅga-sadhana, or external means; and antaraṅga-sadhana or internal means. Doing karma is doing what is to be done by you with the right attitude and proper values. 115 more words

Day After Day With Swami Dayananda

Foot Steps In The Snow

Sleeping in, not getting up at the crack of dawn -

Sleepless nights that lead the way to this one breaking wave -

Movie’s at night, bloody battle of insanity – Movie’s in the morning, what is this fucking comedy? 279 more words

Week 48: Asteya

Fall is quickly shifting to winter and I can feel myself silently begging it to last just a bit longer. During this week, I will explore… 150 more words


Go Away Night Critters

Just as you wake up, you must lay yourself to rest.

You drink your tea in the morning.

You meditate in the morning.

You write, you read. 257 more words

Dana’s Dinacharya (routine) for Balancing Vata

by Dana Nielsen

Are you running late to class/work/etc, because your forgot your wallet/phone/key then had to run back to your house, only to realize you had your said item was in the side pocket of your bag the whole time? 940 more words

Laughing Lotus Love Blog SF

Where is the flow?

There is a language of light and vibration that I appreciate from the depths of my heart song. I vibrate right into the vicinity of anyone in that alignment, often when I need a good tuning myself.  442 more words


Week 47: Brahmacharya

For the next week, I will explore Brahmacharya, the fourth Yama. This time, I will explore the concept of noticing. 116 more words