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Ring Of Death

Stuck here under restless moon
Fires burn within mount doom,
Shaking, trembling engulfed by fear
I did not think I’d ever be here.

My mouth is dry… 188 more words


Chomping at the Bit

Lately I’ve been feeling pretty angry. I don’t know if that’s necessarily the right word to use…maybe “frustrated” is a little more accurate. I think that in general, I’m just dissatisfied, but I have no idea with what. 435 more words


Love Sorrow

Love sorrow. She is yours now, and you must
take care of what has been
given. Brush her hair, help her
into her little coat, hold her hand, 129 more words



“You know what? I’m sick of hearing you being self-depreciating yourself and having no self-esteem. I’m just going to stop listening to you when you act like that. 134 more words


I can’t shake this chronic feeling of emptiness and sadness.  It feels like vice grip around my ribs and heart.  It’s always worse at night when everything is quiet and I’m alone.  204 more words

Recreating Tracy

There’s a quote that goes something like this:

When you love someone you give them the power to destroy you. But trust them not to. 401 more words

No Matter What You Do Or Say, Always Come From A Place Of Love

There will be times in life where you will be disappointed, sad and angry. That is normal because you are a human being and as a human being, you will feel all kinds of emotions. 430 more words

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