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Melting Snowman

I can touch your body
witness your pain
yet your mind, still remains opaque.

Your eyes are empty, dressed in restless
clouds of grey
as once again, another days longed for plans… 99 more words


Do you ever wake up and feel.......

Inexplicably sad.  Like you could cry all day for no reason at all. That you have no friends. Wonder why everyone says your so funny, but inside you just feel blue and lost? 523 more words

Anxiety Attacks

Sarah's Falling: Part 3 of 4

I’m packed. The emergency bag is equipped with my favorite cardigan, my biggest nightgown, and my knitting needles. I decide to use the hospital’s toothpaste and toothbrush. 1,248 more words

Mumbles And Jumbles

Ramblings of the emotionally unstable

Before I begin, I’d just like to say that I am not going to kill myself and this is not a suicide note. These are just my thoughts. 614 more words

Sudden Silence

It’s been some time, I know. Suddenly, everything is silent.

Right now, in this moment, my best friend is no longer my best friend.  It doesn’t matter who’s at fault, or what the cause.  68 more words

Just Anything

a ditty

there’s no shortage of sadness

- install a switch of gladness

to run all the happiest snapshots , quick,

it’s a very effective mood changing trick… 17 more words