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Broken Dreams...

Standing on top of a mountain
Down there I see a lot of people
I know you are somewhere there
Smiling, laughing spending time
With your loved one…
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It's back

It’s back and I don’t know why. All the sad thoughts for no reason. Nothing seemed to make me happy today. Nothing. I feel like nothing. 26 more words


i'm on another bipolar cycle

And The Musician is on Adam4Adam. 

How do I know? Well, he’s lying in his bed with his laptop on his chest, and actually, I can see a chat window open.  16 more words

The Musician

Still Waters

Cracked glass,
Apparitions of my past
I don’t wish to be the object of your terror.

Leave me to my tomorrow
Leave me to the light I’d long forgotten. 92 more words


they call it a panic attack... or acid flashback

i timed how many thoughts left
and made their way past the moon.
why did i drape in smoke?

my thumbs stay active, flicking ashes, 92 more words


fuck everything

I managed to stay in a good mood for eleven fucking days. 

Now I don’t even know why I’m sad. 

Or in a friggin’ cursing mood.  81 more words

The Musician