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Floundering and Flopping

I cannot sleep. My head is so full. Every thing I have ever thought of I have thought of again tonight.

Why did this job not hire me? 1,090 more words

Breathe and Fade

Walk, under what shadows cast by the overlords of the city. Pass through lamplight, and finish the final drag of a last cigarette. Let it be cast againgst painted asphalt. 160 more words


Music make me lose my mind... and go crazy...

Today I sat down to apply to some jobs. and thought to listen to some holiday music. I had a bunch of job links pulled up from searching last night, so it was easier to just fill them out today. 1,523 more words

Break Up

Fading Flowers

I am very sorry my dear
I have forgotten why I came
I was oh so happy and chipper
When walking down the lane
Now that I am at your door… 29 more words


The Race of my Heart

This is not the past, but the current.  Today, sadness has coated around my heart like steel.  It is hard to breath from both feeling of anger and confusion.   91 more words

Soul Dances On My Naked Breast

Laid open,
Naked to you,
You turn away.

Too busy,
Too tired,
Too much work,
Too full and lazy,
Not enough.

More than this:
I need more than this.