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My rat had a stroke :(

My beautiful rat Pantera had a stroke whilst I was out the other day. I came back and was distraught to see her in such pain, limping and leaning to one side. 132 more words


This pain of mine

I hate how she pretty much kicks me out when I need to her to understand me the most, I get I say stupid stuff and it sometimes hurts but when all you can think about is killing yourself that sort of shit comes out. 578 more words

The weather in England is bad at the moment and so I am feeling guilty thinking of all of the people that I met on the streets who are still out there in this weather. 31 more words

With prosperity in my eyes

It is here that we die
Perish ‘neath the starless canvas
Instructed by nature’s finest melodies

And though we have not ventured far
We had prosperity in our eyes… 85 more words


Moving To Another

Forged close together
At the same bank
Union of two souls
Barriers between sank

Now they are
A whole gulf apart
The journey back to the other… 96 more words



It’s come to the point to where I am suffering. During the day I try my hardest to lie to myself that I am happy but in reality once i become alone I breakdown into anger and sadness. 147 more words

Time After (Revised)

There comes a point

where grief just makes you sick.

Your body can’t handle it anymore.

It hurts to remember them,

remembering them coming through that front door. 135 more words