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That feeling again

Oh yep, there it is again. That empty feeling like it’s all gone wrong, the feeling in my chest that feels like all my internal organs have been ripped out and replaced by hollowness. 528 more words

Break Up

"What do you regret?"

“I regret not having drunk sex with you. Not choosing a nearer country to go on exchange so I can always fly back to the person I left behind. 135 more words

I Wrote This For You

Interesting drought-related data points

Two states with severe drought conditions:

1. São Paulo — area: 95,834 sq miles (248,209 km²), population: 43,663,669
2. California — area: 163,696 sq miles (423,970 km²), population: 38,332,521… 28 more words


No matter how I try

There’s nothing much to say

The words don’t make an impact

Floating high into the sky

Memories are all we have… 28 more words



The scalding hot baths i take
Pale in comparison
To the warmth you radiate.
But then again you’re an agonizing paradox
I could never redeem… 14 more words



Something happened to me this evening and it made me start thinking about how we all handle fear differently. I am the first one to admit I’m a scaredy cat.(As they used to call it when I was in school). 204 more words

Mental Illnesses


Somewhere inside she’s waiting,
The laughing, smiling, happy me,
Desperate to return,
To be recreated,
Free to love life once more.

Some days she’s virtually invisible, 75 more words

Tales Of Recovery From Heartbreak