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When that person you love says something hurtful to you.  When that life you dreamed of goes a totally different route.  When you feel like you have neglected the greatest responsibilty that Allah bestowed upon you.   115 more words




He messages me…..says, “oh, let’s Skype.”

We Skype for like 15 minutes and the network cuts off.

The usual routine dictates that he will call me back soon, so I fix my hair up, find a nice spot in my room where the light hits me just perfectly and wait. 467 more words

Relationship Rants


Sometimes I just have to cry
the emotion sneaks up on me when I
am least expecting it

A happy day
sun shining
so why do I feel so blue? 128 more words


When all has gone Quiet.


No excitement
Nor anger
No love
Nor boredom

Emotionally quiet
Uneasy silence

Maybe this is freedom
A place of choice
How do I feel?


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A reblog expressing perfectly how I have felt lately!

Day Fourteen

Prompt: write a poem entirely of questions with a statement at the end. A question that I found on Google that I sadly couldn’t fit in was “Why snake has no legs?” 113 more words

[Poem] Slaying Dragons

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Last night I dreamt
Of something impossible.

I dreamt of slaying dragons,
Fighting crime,
Killing monsters,
Of you by my side. 89 more words

Letter 2:

Dear Stephen Chbosky,

You famously wrote, “We accept the love we think we deserve” and to be honest I never really understood it. Why would I love someone who loved me less than I deserved? 252 more words