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Safe place

In the midst of my divorce last year, when I had realized it was bad, but hadn’t quite figured out what to do about it, I had a few friends at work who I could talk to and trust. 657 more words



The first description that we can associate when we heard the term sanctuary is having or be in a safe haven. We all know something about it and for some there is still an ongoing quest to obtain it. 366 more words

Peace Of Mind

Finding peace in the woods.

I used to run away to a tree stand. It was the place that I could feel at home and stable when life was anything but. 760 more words


I've found a safe place in You.

Week 2 has been awesome! The dancers were split up into two groups this week to learn two different pieces of choreography. I am so excited for the piece I’m in. 1,421 more words

A Safe Haven

When I was younger, when i’d get home a bit after the sun had set, every time I turned the corner and saw the tree in our compound, a chill would go down my spine and my heart would beat a tad bit faster. 596 more words


i cannot carry your heart

i cannot carry your heart (i cannot carry it in
my heart) at times it is too heavy to hold (boring
holes into my hollowed horrored chest; it is no… 106 more words

Poetry And Parts

"Sorry Mom, I Don’t Think You Would Approve Of My Friends These Days"

10-12-2010 Letter to Mom and Dad

“As you can no doubt tell by the post mark and return address, I am still at ______. However, they have moved me to the “medium” camp. 770 more words