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N O T  THE   B I K I NI First the translation of PM Prayuth speech was wrong.He only mentioned that, whatever you do Thailand is not a “safe heaven”.  97 more words


Sleep and PTSD

Recently, there has been interesting research about the role of safety signals in PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). It seems that when people are able to learn about safety and create that in their minds, they are able to get more REM sleep which helps them heal from the traumatic event. 196 more words

Sydney Grrls Club - an online safe place for all females

The Internet can be a very daunting place. Bullying runs rampant, and countless reports of cyber bullying and how to address it have been written. In a time when females are being… 892 more words

Life And Culture

Playgrounds, bridges and head switches

Yesterday when I was out for a walk with those exceptional teens, I saw quite a few kids hide behind their parents as we wheeled by. 105 more words

Vote For Our Next Community Partner!

We’re thrilled to announce the four finalists for our next non-profit Community Partner to whom we’ll donate 5 cents for every container you reuse at in.gredients, plus… 275 more words


Never Underestimate the Power of One Old White Guy. Nor a Young One.

Jackie Robinson – a name that we instantly recognize as a national icon, symbolizing the beginning of an end to racial discrimination in professional baseball. 684 more words


Losing Religion & Finding Community

“You know you’re supposed to do it? How long will you fight it?” He looked deep into my soul. At least as deep as I would let him, and then a bit deeper, as my defenses broke. 966 more words

God's Love