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The youth Culture, sign of Apostasy?

The Youth Culture

 “I will make boys their officials, mere children will rule over them…the young will rise up against the old and the base against the honorable.” 1,822 more words

Moving To Fast??

So basically you should already know…I’m single…imagine this time last week me and Zach were cuddling in bed or having a shower or something ready to fuck…and now I’m sitting a Minnie Mouse onesie very much so not about to have sex. 345 more words

XY Problems

What Hollywood Taught Us About SEX!

Good Morning, or afternoon, or evening, or whatever the hell time period it is where you are reading this. Welcome to Saturday folks. This is a very special Saturday, because I haven’t posted in a while, and I was driving, and magically thought of an idea that I thought would make a great post, and guess what that is? 253 more words

Snarky Opinions

At what age does a woman's sexual drive cease?

An inquisitive journalist was brazen enough to ask a well-known actress he was interviewing: ‘At what age does a woman lose her sexual drive?’

She responded: ‘How should I know, I’m only eighty!’ 29 more words


Love, Accept, & Protect Yourself

A wise one once said… this world will try its hardest to make us something we are not and if we can remain true to ourselves then a great war is already won… 781 more words


Guest Post by Nell Gwyn

(Note: This post is written by a sex worker whom I admire. Obviously it is not representative of all people in the industry. But it is a beautiful insight into a world often kept in the shadows. 1,831 more words

Guest Post


Working in a STD clinic, it has come to my attention that many women (and guys!) are confused about the Herpes virus.  Many of my patients don’t really know anything besides it’s an STD and they don’t want it.  534 more words