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Wikipedia Says I'm A Sex Worker

The term sex worker once confused my literal mind. I understood it to mean someone that was paid for sexual encounters (be they virtual via phone/internet or actual). 1,122 more words


What they used as condoms in the old days

Back in the old days there was no such thing as rubber condoms so to avoid getting a woman pregnant, men of the realm would either have to fashion their own out of whatever was around or have a pig eat their own dick off. 92 more words

Feministy Shit

Lack of Feministy Shit due to new job completely┬ádevouring my free time… I would complain, but I’m actually in love with what I do. I will be trying to bulk out Feministy Shit more now I’m settling in. 549 more words


"safe sex"

Hi, I wanted to add to the last post I made and talk about the same article. I noticed that in the article it kept saying that there gonna teach “safe sex”, I thought what is safe sex? 193 more words

Societies Views On Sex

Birth-control: better safe than sorry!

Ok. First of all, saying that abstinence is the best contraception doesn’t make too much sense anymore. It does make sense when we are talking about teens that start their sexual life way too early. 495 more words

Abstinence Or Not

Sex and Education (Part 1)

We live in a contradictory culture. We are given sexual scripts and expected to follow them to the most minute detail. We fantasize the sexual experience in media and, at the same time, tell youth that they can only experience one form of it: heterosexual, vanilla, intraracial, and monogamous (for life). 683 more words


GAY/BI/QUEER MEN PARTICIPANTS NEEDED (And some thoughts on talking about sex)

A close friend of mine is doing amazing research for his senior thesis and his final focus group is tonight, Tuesday October 14th!! He is looking for Gay, Bi, Pan, or Queer men ages eighteen to twenty-five to participate in a conversation about condom usage. 729 more words