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Setting Safe Boundaries With People Who Forget?

This is an ongoing struggle I ve been having. I have a few people in my family who just forget everything I say, it seems. And it s made it almost impossible to set boundaries, because inevitably the response is “But you never said anything about that, you always were ok with me doing that and suddenly you re mad at me for crossing an invisible line?” But unless I scream it in their faces, they forget almost anything I say about boundaries. 23 more words

Uber's first ever Global Head of Safety hints at improvements

Uber riders received an email Wednesday from the company’s new “Head of Global Safety,” Philip Cardenas. Cardenas introduced himself as a new hire whose team is reviewing Uber’s safety practices around the world to implement new technology and better procedures. 442 more words

Awakening Mineral Skin Care Body Cream Review

This is a lightweight body cream made with the natural anti-allergen (yay for me!!!) magnesium. This cream smells great, is very light weight and doesn’t clog my pores. 166 more words


Escape pod weapons cache

I wish that the last Starship Troopers interface wasn’t this one, but so it goes.

After piloting the escape pod through the atmosphere using the… 421 more words

Starship Troopers (1997)

Open wide… no chance of infection here

Terrified of the dentist? You shouldn’t be. These days it doesn’t hurt – and when your mouth feels healthy, so do you.

Unless you’re worried about infection of course. 450 more words


God who sees me

God who sees me

“You are the God who sees me” (Genesis 16:13; NIV).

I love the LORD because he hears my voice (Psalm 116:1; NLT). 110 more words