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It's the Drifting that Gets Us

Yes it is the drifting. If I want to stay in contact with God I must daily make a point to connect with him. This is so crucial for continued contact with God that it cannot be stressed enough. 358 more words


What is the most disappointing way to ruin your day ?

What would yours be ? 
Recently after my first day of starting a new job, I thought it would be nice to treat myself to a Gloria Jeans chiller! 304 more words



It’s so important to keep the actions of those we trust and love in context of the entirety of the relationship. Without doing so, we find ourselves easily offended or judge hurts inflicted as intentional. 136 more words



Kyani Products are Simply the Best!

All someone needs to do is watch the news, pay attention to the advertising programs online, sort through ads and promotional materials to find that there is a huge demand for supplements. 15 more words


Many of us around the country, without thinking about it, are already keeping our young people safe by including them in all sorts of ways whether it is from joining Brownies;  going to the local park; being part of the local swimming pool; after school clubs; youth groups; getting jobs locally; or volunteering.  536 more words

Alligator Wrestler

Is there a gland, a rod, a relic of reptilian one-track mindedness still functioning in our brains? Aside from scientific fact based evidence proving such, I’m thinking more along the lines of something no one quite understands yet. 432 more words