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Are You Apocalypse Ready?

Think about it –threats like economic collapse, global warming, terrorism, nuclear war, and dwindling energy supplies aren’t fallacies. So called ‘Preppers’ are already one step ahead hoarding supplies and making shelters. 524 more words


The Ultimate Stroller Buying Guide Brought to you by Duck Worth Wearing

With the plethora of strollers available on today’s market, it can be overwhelming for parents to make informed decisions when it comes to this critical baby tool. 917 more words

All about resQme Application

resQme helps you get rescued, Anytime and Anywhere!

In this world, everyone deserves the freedom to live their way! Is isn’t OK when someone else try to take charge of ourselves! 1,150 more words

I'm a Human First!

I’m a human first and foremost, and I’m a black man second. But please don’t neglect the first.

It makes me uncomfortable, that I make you uncomfortable. 230 more words

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Revising The Facts - Car Fatalities Are Actually Falling

There are 30,000 car deaths per year in the USA –which when reported sounds like an increase. In fact, as a proportion of the total population, car accident fatalities decrease year by year. 395 more words


Back to School Bullying: What every parent needs to know

Cornered against the brick wall, I didn’t expect what was coming. His fist hovered above me and then came in for the punch. I felt the wind rush from my lungs as I doubled over in pain. 875 more words

Hike in Lynn Headwaters Park with a Certified Mountain Guide

Sunday August 10 come and hike in Lynn Headwaters Park with a Certified Mountain Guide. You need to be there by 10 AM to watch a few slides before you start the hike. 16 more words