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72 Days to Go!

Nice to see you again!

I know I posted twice in one day, don’t get mad!  I wanted to make a post about where I’m at with only a few months until departure.   404 more words


Ebola Hits New York: Update

So a doctor from New York was just diagnosed with Ebola, making him the fourth case in America thus far.  You can read more about it on this Yahoo.com article… 142 more words


Who is coming into your home ?


  • As the internet grows without showing any sign of slowing, someone has to ask, how safe is the internet really? Not just for your files but for your children as well?
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Spaceship - shield

  1. Samurai technology (Horo)
  2. “Horo” spaceship shield

Samurai Technology

The samurai’s had a large silk banner/cape’s on their backs that inflated when they where riding on a horse. 345 more words


War on Ebola? Are we prepared

The media has taken the Ebola virus and unwillingly created an even more toxic media epidemic in the process. The Ebola virus has been almost the only story to consistently be headlining media outlets for at least the past month on all branches of reporting. 880 more words


Keep Your Kids Safe: 4 Things About Bullying that Every Parent Needs to Know

Cornered against the brick wall, I didn’t expect what was coming. His fist hovered above me and then came in for the punch. I felt the wind rush from my lungs as I doubled over in pain. 885 more words


Glittering candle light reflecting on the wooden table .
I run my fingers over the glossed top feeling them glide across , so easy so effortless. 66 more words