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A Short Primer on Muses

Thinking about a blog began with the need for the word MUSE to be in the title. Ever since I learned that the world museum meant a temple for the Muses in Latin, the mystery of the original nine muses in myth has been floating around in my heart and head. 301 more words

Inappropriately Appropriate

“So what is asked of us, the tellers of the new story, is our voice and our courage.” ~ Margaret J. Wheatley

We talk of our elders with reverence. 582 more words

Conversations With StellaMac

In Love With Another

When the one that you love
is in love with another,
its like chasing the rain
while running for cover.

Like bridging the distance
between east and west, 74 more words

That's The Way Love Is..


I sometimes employ

the feminine pronoun

when addressing


keeping in view

The Essence


-Ibn al-Arabi

(d. 1240)




I am...

Think day and night, “I am of the essence of that Supreme Existence, Knowledge, Bliss–what fear and anxiety have I? This body, mind, and intellect are all transient, and That which is beyond these is myself.”




“Those people who recognise that imagination is reality’s master, we call sages, and those who act upon it, we call artists.”

Tom Robbins