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Background on Naradji

From: Prem Rishi

Jai Guru Dev

Namaste. I had to provide the background on Naradji for one of the articles I wrote. I thought of sharing that background with you all. 654 more words

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The Creative Dialectics of Intellectual and Cultural History

One of the joys of exploring intellectual and cultural history is that we begin to perceive the variety of critical debates and creative dialectics that have influenced and shaped our worldviews and ways of life across the ages and within different cultural traditions. 674 more words

Min Hero: Tower of Sages - Game Guide

All righty! I’ve already published my first game guide here.
The game guides topic is about Min Hero: Tower of Sages, developed by Toy Chest Games… 391 more words


Wisdom of the ages

Be not limited by what you know.
Embrace that what you know might not always be so.

See with your ears.
Hear with your eyes. 55 more words


Our Need For Sages

The latest issue of And Sons Magazine has a great piece about Sages.

The author, now out of college, writes about meeting the fathers of some of his college friends and noticing that there were two basic types:  fathers who were detached and unengaged and fathers who wanted to be “cool” so they acted like they were buddies with the sons to the point that they didn’t step in with wisdom or correction when needed. 151 more words


"These sages wandered the earth seeing the entire universe, with all its gross and subtle objects, as a manifestation of the Supreme Lord and as non-different from the self." SB 11.2.22

We tend to see the world as separate from our own being. But when you analyze the world and your position in it, you can understand that the body is basically made up of the same elements as the earth and everything upon it. 178 more words