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Sag is not Swag: Droopy Drawers and Their Dubious Origins | WafflesatNoon.com

Here is another article I wrote for the ezine Waffles at Noon. “Neither laws nor pleas from celebrities nor unflattering stories regarding the origins of the fashion seem sufficient to persuade young men to buy a belt.”  Read “ 13 more words

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Why do guys wear their trousers so low you can see their pants?

Dear Aunty Em,

Why do I see so many guys wearing their trousers so low I can see their pants? I guess it’s some kind of fashion thing but it just looks like their pants are falling down… Anon.

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Aloe and Gardenia Daily Facial Cream with Hyaluronic Acid

A brand new firming face cream is now on the market. That in itself just isn’t something new. However one that really tightens sagging skin… 333 more words