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Sagging Pants

So here I am looking for funny comments about those sagging pants that are so controversial and it was super hard to do so. Most people blame sagging pants to African Americans, but every race does it. 218 more words


What lies beneath... The power of well fitting lingerie.

When you are young and firm, you can just get away with anything you wear. Young girls don’t even bother with buying expensive lingerie. It is only as you age that gravity plays a huge role in shaping your silhouette. 237 more words


"Sagging's" Dark Secret Revealed

A Brownwood youth, apprehended last week while attempting a getaway on foot after robbing a local convenience store, helped to expose a dark secret. While running across the parking lot, his pants, being worn at half mast in a style referred to as sagging, caused him to trip before getting very far. 611 more words


Adoption = Colorblind

Today I’m not in my usual coffee spot, but this scene is a passable substitute. All available: caffeine, a comfy chair and cool conversation. Good enough.   826 more words


10/16/2014 (2)

Another older post i did from another blog back on 7-8-12

I was driving past a group of school students today and it occurred to me how screwed up our society is.  546 more words

Hyaluronic acid

This is not the newest of ingredients and don’t let acid scare you as it doesn’t strip the skin.. . Hyaluronic Acid and collagen are vital to maintain the skins structure.. 325 more words

Christine Doody

You are not 'better off' without a bra

By William Park

The Tweet: “A french study states that women are better off without bras – Bras do not decrease back pain and can increase sagging.” 370 more words