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Adoption = Colorblind

Today I’m not in my usual coffee spot, but this scene is a passable substitute. All available: caffeine, a comfy chair and cool conversation. Good enough.   826 more words


10/16/2014 (2)

Another older post i did from another blog back on 7-8-12

I was driving past a group of school students today and it occurred to me how screwed up our society is.  546 more words

You are not 'better off' without a bra

By William Park

The Tweet: “A french study states that women are better off without bras – Bras do not decrease back pain and can increase sagging.” 371 more words


Bomb threat birthday

As a single girl I have worked like a man for over a decade. I often feel like faking a pregnancy just so I can get some time off. 335 more words


This is another post from the early days of my blog... because I have stuff to do today... no... really... I have a life...

(You can tell this is an old post because it starts off with me being 51… and I am now 54… but the truly scary part is that ‘sagging’… or whatever young guys call it when they walk around with their pants pulled down below their butts… is still a thing)… 271 more words