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More couches

At one point I had imagined that couch wildlife was a distinctly winter phenomenon – but it turns out that they enjoy the summer as well. 17 more words

Before you start your Breast Augmentation journey…

I always remind my patients that it’s best to avoid getting stuck on an idealized cup size when planning a breast augmentation.

Each and every one of my patients is unique and my advice will take into account your wishes but also your body type and skin limitations.

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My view on Saggin

I only have a problem with sagging pants because it has become associated with gangs and gang violence. But they do have the right to wear their pants as such since the law only states for the genital region to be covered on men. 226 more words

Collagen Loss - Aging!

Did you know?

You loose 1% of collagen every year after the age of 30!

30% of your collagen is lost in the first five years after menopause. 268 more words


Sagging trousers is a no-no

I’d like to answer that subconscious question which has lurked in the depth of all our minds for a long time.

What is sagging?

Sagging is wearing trousers below the waist so that undergarments are showing. 230 more words