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Penis Envy... An end to Bulimia?

I know this is harsh but truth be known I have penis envy. Not in the way you would think. Mine is of growing older and not worrying about sagging boobs as a female or the sagging pooch or the sagging skin. 284 more words

Eating Disorders Are Not Uncategorized

Paint, Let Dry, and Repeat

Years ago a brilliant marketing executive devised the saying, “lather, rinse and repeat,” increasing shampoo sales by leaps and bounds. We now know this recommendation was merely a well devised (and not necessarily needed) marketing ploy which has led many to disregard similar suggestions from other industries. 331 more words

Benjamin Moore

Day 93: Pants. You're Doing It Wrong

So, if you’re like me, there’s a question that’s always burned deep in your brain:


Yes, there’s a whole history about how “sagging” began in prison where belts were confiscated to cut down on suicides and whippings. 285 more words

The Endoscopic Brow Lift: Safer, Easier and Effective

Two of the biggest concerns among patients undergoing facial plastic surgery are the visibility of scars and safety. Performing a brow lift (or forehead lift) using the endoscopic method addresses both of these concerns by improving safety and minimizing scars. 411 more words