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Removing the Bag

   After  the Sagoe Pudding was boiled most proper, the pudding was cooled in the pudding bag (a square of linen cloth).  To facilitate removal, the bag had been buttered just in the center prior to adding the pudding.  32 more words

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Boiling is Most Proper

   The receipt (recipe) for Sagoe Pudding which contains boiled sagoe, grated Bisket or bread, sack, sugar orange flower water, salt, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and sliced citron, may either be boiled or baked according to the receipt, … 26 more words

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Sagoe Pudding: Put to It

  After the sagoe has been boiled thick in milk and water, the receipt (recipe) for Sagoe Pudding directs to put to it half a Pound of Bisket grated, or Bread, and season with Sack, Sugar, Orange Flower, or Rose Water, Salt, 38 more words

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Sagoe: Boil it in Milk

    After a half a Pound of Sagoe for the receipt (recipe) Sagoe Pudding, is weighed, the receipt directs to boil it in Milk and a little Water; have a care it does not burn to; a Pint of… 21 more words

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Gula Melaka - Malaysian Sago Pudding

Hello, and welcome to Homespun Capers. My name is Liberty and I am a young artist and home cook. In this blog I will document my experiments in the kitchen of my inner suburban apartment in Melbourne, Australia.   387 more words


Sagoe, Half a Pound

  Take Sagoe, half a Pound are the first words of the receipt (recipe) for Sagoe Pudding.  The equivalent of a half pound of my nested weights were on the balance scales to weigh the sago. 7 more words

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Sago or Palm Starch

   Sago or palm starch comes from the pith of stems of palms and has its origin in Southeast Asia.  The palm tree is harvested when a flower spike appears, as the development of the flower will deplete the stored starch as it is used by the flower.  51 more words

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