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The Recycling Lifecycle Where Old Becomes New

This week has been a madhouse blur of days. Up early and to bed late is the standard rule of thumb. Ol’ Tony Robbins would be proud of the fact I’m cutting back on sleep hours. 903 more words

Total Lunar Eclipse

As many of you know, last night was a total lunar eclipse easily visible in North America. I decided to capture the progression of the eclipse so I went out into the dark desert at 10:30 pm and set up my camera. 125 more words

Michelle Munoz Photography


Today I learned that I should always keep some simple sketches handy, because when one is in bed for a large part of the day battling nausea and stomach pains, paper embroidery is not on the top of one’s list of activities. 46 more words


My sister is a talented artist; she can draw and paint anything, but her work as a medical illustrator and animator often plays a huge role in her personal art work, too. 42 more words


You Are What I Need


I am only a dust storm,
a disembodied haze,
rushing through this searing day.
Here, amongst these muted hues,
restless, wandering,
nowhere to hide,
un-done. 77 more words