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"Made It" Monday - Baby Food

So, I usually need some inspiration on Mondays.  So I was trying to think of something fun – and thought, what about “Made It Mondays?”  I could write about something I made – like, craft-wise; or a new recipe; or a goal I achieved; or even a journey I completed!   568 more words



I love my class. I love my coworkers. I love how my job is like a big community. I love how Livia’s teachers are like her second family. 181 more words


Life's little annoyances

We all have them. Pet peeves, little annoyances that get under our skin.  Those things other people do that drive us crazy. Maybe it is something as innocent as a person saying “um” all the time ( I do that). 652 more words


A SECOND At Home Business?

I think so!

My friend introduced me to Jamberry Nails a couple months back and I fell in LOVE! I’ve never been one to do my nails mainly because I suck at painting and am never patient enough for then to fully dry. 87 more words


So I find myself in very familiar yet very uncomfortable territory. We’ve been here several times in the 13 years that Brandn and I have been married, and let me tell you, it never gets easier. 485 more words


Last nap of the day ♡♡♡

Last nap time of the day :) the whole apartment is cleaned, just have to do the toilet and finish up laundry. Dinner is in the oven and is smelling soooooooo good! 273 more words


Thrive Promoter!!!

I’d like to announce that I am a promoter for Thrive. So if you were wondering why I post about it, that is why. I am also extremely excited about it. 234 more words