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One Week in, Sydney

We’ve spent a week in Sydney already! Some highlights…

1. Found and successfully applied for our apartment, which we are scheduled to move into early February. 327 more words



Yes, that can be the best way to mess up a perfect mood, being disturbed in the middle of a thought that brings you absolute satisfaction, daydreaming about where you want to be, and who you want to be with, but your disturbed by a sudden beep from a register, with someone glaring at you, wanting you to complete the sale. 23 more words

Sail Away

There’s the place I was born,
the place I grew up,
and the place I am now –
but a home is nowhere
to be found. 73 more words


When love burns out

(Of course, my ex is no psycho so that just leaves….ooooh, ME!)

Sitting with my Mum the other night on the patio, having a cheeky wine or 4, we got talking, and I said to her (in my tipsy state) “Why do we bother getting married? 323 more words

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