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Pets are People too!!!

Pets are people too, at least mine are. Or maybe they just act like them. I have three dogs, Jake (Great Pyrenees), Samwise (Saint Bernard), and Lester (Chihuahua). 1,042 more words

Breed Focus: Saint Bernard

Originally from the Swiss Alps, The Saint Bernard was used by monks to detect avalanches before they occurred. After an avalanche, the monks would send out their Saint Bernards wearing bags filled with food and water to find and assist freezing, helpless travelers. 297 more words

Furry Friends

Sunflower Seeds

   Sunflower Seeds

The Sunflower Seed is the edible fruit of the Sunflower. Seeds are eaten as a healthy snack or part of a meal. The seeds are dried, then roasted or dusted with salt or flour, to enhance the flavor. 393 more words

The Internet and Cindy

Unfortunately I was not able to publish beach pictures for the last two days as I was without an Internet connection. Long telephone calls with very friendly people at Telkom eventually got me all connected again. 210 more words

Barry mon Amour

Turns out that we’ve done quite a few crazy things back in the day (and today, when I come to think of it). Once we invited a cow (named Corinne Mauch, no kidding) to our flagshipstore in Zurich. 255 more words

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