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I think this one deserves its own post :)


Luke's Lobster

Sometimes I always feel stuck to a routine: wake up, go to class, workout, study, etc. So when a friend spontaneously asks if I want to get lunch after two grueling hours of creating cash flow tables and analyzing financial statements, I never decline. 123 more words

Boka - Korean Fried Chicken

For one of my best friend’s 20th birthday last night, we treated him to Boka on St. Marks. Nothing says happy birthday better than a giant plate of fried wings and drumsticks.This restaurant is always packed, and the environment is super casual and lively.   97 more words

Masquerades, Gothic Facades, and Everything Artfully Made


Ah Venice, the city built on water, aren’t you a sight to see. Possibly one, if not THE most romantic cities in the world, just take a gondola ride with a loved one through the picturesque venetian canals and don’t forget to smooch under every bridge! 602 more words