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Meet Your Maker: Character Creation In Games

The best thing about playing an RPG or most games in general is having the opportunity to create your own character who will be representing “you” during your time with a game. 808 more words


Throwback Thursday Review - Saints Row: The Third

After playing a couple of hours of Saints Row II and just not really getting into it, I was about to pass this one up even though it was one of the free games that I was getting with my awesome PS+ membership. 844 more words


Age of Civilization third beta

Launching soon on the Game321.com games portal, Age of Civilization sends players back to the European Middle Ages – with a fantasy twist. 334 more words


My PS3 is having a little sleep

It kept me company through long single nights at university, soothed my soul on days off from the soul-crushing Christmas job of 2012 and has just generally ‘been there’ for me. 410 more words


A Saints row The Third and Saints row 4 movie should happen

A Saints Row The Third should be made its a really interesting. The Saints get arrested after robbing a back owned by the syndacate . The syndicate try take a share of the Saints money.So the Saints break away fro them and Johnny gat ends up “dying” in the process. 220 more words

Contemplating the Stale Open World and the Challenges of Traveling Through It

Why hello there! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

This summer I played a few games worth talking about, several of which I have nothing to even say about. 2,767 more words