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Saints Row The Third

Although crude and unashamedly immature Saints Row The Third is an amazing game. The game consist of a sandbox city in which you can steal cars, fight gangs and flee from the cops. 381 more words


Saints Row: The Third - Third time's the charm

Saints Row first arrived at a time when gamers were begging for a Grand Theft Auto experience.

Though it fit the need admirably it still wasn’t considered in the same league as Rockstar’s epics. 841 more words


My shame as a female gamer

While we at Women at Women publish articles on a weekly rotational basis (every Friday!), I felt the urge to write this piece earlier this afternoon upon having a significant emotional revelation. 1,486 more words

Women On Women

8-27-2014 | Dream Fragment | Being In A Fictional New Season Of The Walking Dead?

Once again I really do not feel like typing my dreams and so I will give a super lazy overview of my last dream from last night that seemed to involved me being in a fictional new season of the television show The… 699 more words