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A Saints row The Third and Saints row 4 movie should happen

A Saints Row The Third should be made its a really interesting. The Saints get arrested after robbing a back owned by the syndacate . The syndicate try take a share of the Saints money.So the Saints break away fro them and Johnny gat ends up “dying” in the process. 220 more words

Contemplating the Stale Open World and the Challenges of Traveling Through It

Why hello there! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

This summer I played a few games worth talking about, several of which I have nothing to even say about. 2,767 more words

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Saints Row The Third

Although crude and unashamedly immature Saints Row The Third is an amazing game. The game consist of a sandbox city in which you can steal cars, fight gangs and flee from the cops. 381 more words


Saints Row: The Third - Third time's the charm

Saints Row first arrived at a time when gamers were begging for a Grand Theft Auto experience.

Though it fit the need admirably it still wasn’t considered in the same league as Rockstar’s epics. 841 more words


My shame as a female gamer

While we at Women at Women publish articles on a weekly rotational basis (every Friday!), I felt the urge to write this piece earlier this afternoon upon having a significant emotional revelation. 1,486 more words

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8-27-2014 | Dream Fragment | Being In A Fictional New Season Of The Walking Dead?

Once again I really do not feel like typing my dreams and so I will give a super lazy overview of my last dream from last night that seemed to involved me being in a fictional new season of the television show The… 699 more words