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If I put a near identical copy of the Saints Row: The Third review and just claim it’s the Saints Row IV one will you believe me and accept it?   649 more words


Some Monkey-ing Around Stream

Played some Saints Row (1) on stream today after not streaming for a while. Check it out my friends? I’m posting this everywhere.

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You Got the Touch, You Got the Power -- Saints Row IV Review (PC/PS3/X360)

As mentioned in the previous Saints Row review, when THQ went bankrupt in early 2013 the rights to Saints Row went to Deep Silver. Deep Silver, a subsidiary of Koch Media (a German company, not to be confused with the American Koch Brothers) was known for some rather questionable promotional tactics (hello there, creepy Dead Island bikini bust I’m not going to show here because jesus christ what) and not a whole lot of good games, so there was some apprehension whether or not they would be a good fit for the series. 2,624 more words


Saints Row: The Third - Review

Ahh now here’s a game that puts the sand in sandbox. I could have said a far worse phrase but I think I’ll save it.


MURDER TIME FUN TIME -- Saints Row: The Third Review (PC/PS3/X360)

How do you follow up the greatest open world game of all time? Do you just refine what you already have, or do you take a risk and drastically change how the game feels? 2,133 more words


SAINTS ROW IV Review: Not So Super

Originally planned as a DLC for Saints Row: The Third titled “Enter the Dominatrix”, Deep Silver (Metro series and Dead Island) acquired the… 1,080 more words

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Saints Row IV

I just played a video game in my PS3 Retrospective series.

“Hey,” you might be saying to me. “I didn’t know you were doing a PS3 Retrospective series.” And I would reply that I didn’t know I was either. 709 more words

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