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Taking Yourself Too Seriously, Gaming.

The gap between gaming as a medium to be taken seriously and lightly has been narrowing in many storytelling genres. We can find well scripted humor in the midst in contextual-placement of the player in games like… 1,059 more words


Mondays be Like... with Johnny Gat! Yep, from Saints Row.

Mondays be like…

Yup, we are about as excited about Mondays as Johnny Gat is in this photo. Sigh. Can’t win ‘em all! 19 more words

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Top 5 RIDICULOUS Video Game Weapons

It almost goes without saying that video games are going to be over-the-top in one way or another. Some games have hulking, overly-ripped characters, while others feature nightmare-inducing demons that would keep even Wes Craven up at night. 165 more words


Back on the streets with Saints Row IV

The streets of Steelport. Home to gangs, mascots, The Third Street Saints and now, the Zim. Aliens have hit the streets of Steelport and you, leader of the Saints and now the President of the world the United States of America, are charged with restoring peace to the Earth. 1,425 more words


IsssE - Boss

Cosplayer: IsssE 
Character: Boss
From: Saints Row 4


REVIEW : Saints Row IV


From furries to dubstep guns and dildo bats, Saints Row IV was a wild ride from start to finish. With the return of your favorite characters but in a new virtual Steelport makes for an interesting formula. 737 more words

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