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Use a tablet for paperless feedback in Sakai

My colleague, Kevin Abbott, has been experimenting with ways to use a tablet to mark up student work submitted in Sakai. Here’s a specific scenario we worked out for marking up PDF files in the Sakai drop box tool using iAnnotate PDF on an iPad.


Sakai's lovely sushi

I love sushi at Sakai! The green dragon is my most favourite roll and here they do it so well… some days I have cravings and dreams about savouring it. 56 more words


Sakai Quartz example bundle receives an update

Six years ago I wrote a little bundle for Sakai that sets up a Quartz job and registers it with the Sakai Job Scheduler so you can setup triggers for it to run, just like a… 57 more words


Sakai Takayuki 18 cm. Santoku VG10 Hammered

Save $ 10 order now Sakai Takayuki 18 cm. Santoku VG10 Hammered at Best Kitchen Knives store. Daily reviews and find kitchen knives ratings and knives for sale for victorinox kitchen knives, kitchen knife sets, cutlery and more. 17 more words

The LM-essest 1%: Death by IT governance

As with everything, I have nothing to back this up. But anecdotally from faculty and instructional designers I’ve talked to recently, I’d imagine that they love LMSs if they were allowed to change the 1% of the issues that bug them. 376 more words


Sakai 10 released

The Sakai Core Team is happy to announce the release of Sakai 10.0. Congratulations to our worldwide team on the successful completion of Sakai 10.0! 435 more words