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ISENOHANA: For the ladies

This lady-like Sake is produced by the brewery Shimizu Seizaburo Shoten Shuzo in Mie prefecture.

Established in 1869. The water used for the brewing of their sake is… 140 more words


Shizuoka sake Tasting: Eikun Brewery-Junmai Ginjo "Noboru no Eikun"

It’s been some time since I tasted a bottle by Eikun Brewery i Yui, Shimizu Ku, Shizuoka City!
But this once I had the opportunity to conduct my tasting away from Home! 423 more words

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Cool New Feature: Sake Sommelier's Notes!

Mr. Joe Wong (right), who is the man behind JDC, has a 7-year experience in the Japanese Sake wholesale trade and recently earned his certification as a Sake Sommelier from the Sake Sommelier Association (SSA). 121 more words


Learning Sake II: Rice Variety (Sakamai)

Now that you know what tough processes Sake rice have to endure, you should know what varieties of rice there are that goes into your Sake. 653 more words


Learning Sake I: Rice Polishing

Similarly to wine where different grapes produce different tastes and colour, Sake also experiments with rice variety. There are 9 basic types of rice used in fermenting Sake. 472 more words


Shizuoka Sake Tasting: Oomuraya Brewery- Wakatake Onigoroshi Tokubetsu Honjozo Genshu Nama

Every year I make a point of tasting this famous brand by Oumuraya Brewery in Shimada City: Onigoroshi!

There are many Onigorshi/”Kill a Goblin” in Japan, but this is arguably the most celebrated! 366 more words


Wine Radar: Echolocating the finest drinks

You found out the wine label the restaurant was serving but without buying it from them, you have no other choice! Nope, WE give you a choice. 134 more words