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Bandai Namco: "Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution" - Sakura Haruno & Kakashi Hatake - New screenshots & character art | Nuevas capturas de pantalla y arte de personajes

[EN]: Bandai Namco released earlier today screenshots and character of Sakura Haruno and Kakashi Hatake, two members of Team 7, who reunite once again after the tragic events of the Fourth Great Ninja War. 181 more words


Naruto 684 Review

This chapter begins with Obito telling Sakura and Naruto to hold on to him as Sakura is
thinking that Obito knows he’s going to die, meanwhile, Kaguya shifts her attention to them.. 334 more words


Sasuke's Sharingan Ability! Obito and Sakura - Naruto 685

Naruto 685 reveals Sasuke’s Sharingan abilities and how can use it, to which he has the ability to replace transport himself from one point another, replacing the subject he has chosen to transport to. 712 more words

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Naruto's Clones! Plan To Save Sasuke - Naruto 684

Naruto 684 gets underway to which Naruto pops out hundreds of his clones allowing him to use them to bash onto Kaguya all at once, this in turn allows for Obito to use Kaguya’s exit to allow him to transport himself to a different dimension. 738 more words

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[SasuSaku] Things I Love about You

Things I Love about You

I own nothing except the story

Uchiha Sasuke & Haruno Sakura

Are belong to Masashi Kishimoto

Dedicated Savers Contest : Banjir TomatCeri IV… 1,144 more words


Obito's Plan! Hagoromo and 4 Hokage's - Naruto 683

Naruto 683 explores the revival of Obito once more as he wishes to help bring back Sasuke from the deserted world, while Hagoromo shows up to talk to the 4 Hokage’s who want to aid in defeating Kaguya. 733 more words

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Naruto and Sasuke Split! Kaguya's Godly Powers - Naruto 682

Naruto 682 surprises as Naruto and Sasuke’s both perform a move by which Naruto has been practising even more than his Rasengan, to be revealed the male version of his Sexy No Jutsu. 605 more words

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