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Hey guys ! Long time no see ! I felt like “animefy” myself today (^_~) What do you think ?

Photo Fridays! Take 6: fallen sakura blossoms

Hitoshi and I found this little, deserted shrine near Kita-Senju station. Cherry tree blossoms floated down and we tried to catch them like snowflakes in our waiting palms. 18 more words



Our next stop was the largest island in Matsushima Bay. 117 more words


Sakura of Autumn

Japanese written as “Sakura Autumn” in kanji the cosmos. — http://ift.tt/XsPLqp by YasunoriTomori


Sailor Moon vs Sakura

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In preparation for the Sailor Moon review that will be appearing on the blog soon, it’s time for a Sailor Moon match! She is one of the legendary protectors of the galaxy and her power is feared across the cosmos! 70 more words


The Worst Manga Character of All Time, A Tribute to Sasuke Uchiha

I have issues with Naruto. Is that news to anyone at this point? Probably not, but with the trainwreck that was Chapter 692, I can’t help but talk about my favorite series to hate and why it’s one of the most harmful shonen manga for children to date. 1,613 more words