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Sakurai Explains Why Wii U Owners Have to Wait For Super Smash Bros

Smash Bros series creator Masahiro Sakurai has explained in his weekly column in Famitsu why Wii U owners will have to wait for Super Smash Bros… 230 more words


Sakurai Shows Off Dr Wily Trophy And Trophy Shop For Smash Bros Nintendo 3DS

Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai has confirmed via Miiverse that Mega Man’s Dr Wily will be making an appearance in Super Smash Bros for Nintendo 3DS as a Trophy. 117 more words


Mr.Dragon and Iggy's Top Ten Characters They Want in Smash Bros 4 Part 2

Welcome ladies and Gentlemen, to the first ever Top Ten from both the Dragon God and the God of Turtles. With Super Smash Bros 3Ds right around the corner, Mr.Dragon and I have decided to share who we would like to appear in Nintendo’s most anticipated release of 2014. 674 more words


Masahiro Sakurai's Birthday Was This Weekend, Here's A Look At His Cake

大変な時期だけど、乗り切りましょう。 http://t.co/KkwP0HDft0
桜井 政博 (@Sora_Sakurai) August 03, 2014

It was Masahiro Sakurai’s birthday this weekend, but the dedicated developer ended up spending his time working.

42 more words

Super Smash Bros 3DS Will Be Getting A Paper Mario Stage

Super Smash Bros producer Masahiro Sakurai has revealed via Miiverse that Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo 3DS will feature a gorgeous Paper Mario Sticker Sta… 117 more words