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Peace! The whole world’s hankering after it. Today we have peace conventions, peace rallies, peace slogans, and yet, there is no peace. We are insecure in our own minds, in our own homes, in our own homeland. 707 more words


The part; the three

“ And this is the dorm.” Fadhal said opening the door to a sparse room that had military looking lockers and 4 sets of bunks. 816 more words

Love Over Hate

The Southern California Arbeter Ring/Workmen’s Circle, an organization that works to foster Jewish identity, has responded to an act of hate, communicated through graffiti, with love and compassion. 144 more words


Saying Salaam...or not...as the case may be!

As salaam Alaikum

Why is it that when muslims pass each other in the street or in a shop or even at work…they never give salaams.  247 more words


somtimes I wonder
if your loud salaam
is for me,
all the way

About Salaam Toastmasters

Chartered in 2012, Salaam Toastmasters was created in order to further enrich the social culture of the Islamic Center of the Capital District. For years, the community center has been working on developing exciting new programs. 87 more words