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Salad of Grilled Calamari and Shrimp

Still hanging on to the warm weather a bit and wanted to squeeze this in there. I made this for my wife and I one evening this past summer. 416 more words


Greek Salad

So you should make this in conjunction with this pita bread recipe that I posted last weekend. They are both delicious individually but are even better together. 206 more words


Homegrown Fall Lettuce

My beautiful Fall lettuce  is ready to pick for some delicious, crisp salads.    There is nothing better than lettuce freshly picked from my garden – it makes all of my salads shine!   232 more words

Garden And Canning

Broccoli Spinach and Tofu Stir-Fry with a Simple Zucchini Salad

This morning I ate like a 10-year-old would if left home alone. I had chocolate until my pulse went through the roof. Because of this, by lunch I was starting to crave greens, so during my lunch break I went home and cooked a quick and easy green stir-fry. 311 more words


Harvest Bowl

As summer produce comes to an end, it gets harder and harder to make interesting salads. But so far, I’ve still been able to find good broccoli, corn, and tomatoes in the store. 275 more words


Meatball Salad

Like many households, it’s pretty much tradition that when the grown kids come to visit, we cook their favorite meals. So when Amy came home this past weekend… in from Chicago for a little R & R… I knew it’d be no different. 502 more words


Georgian Chicken Salad (as Seen on TV)

I demonstrated this recipe on Georgian TV earlier today, on Rustavi 2’s “Day Show.” It’s quick, colorful, healthy, and simple to make. (Simple enough to make on live TV without worrying that something will come out wrong!) You can watch the clip below in Georgian and English. 338 more words