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Ismail Ibrahim Patel

Ismail Ibrahim Patel alias Harris Hammam ( aka Ismail Ebrahim Patel )


Mistakes I've made in Da'wah

Da’wah is an obligation upon every Muslim, to invite those who are not yet Muslim to Islam, especially those who don’t live in predominantly Muslims lands. 1,364 more words

7 Amalan ‘Keliru’ yang Biasa Dilakukan Selepas Shalat Menurut Ahlusunnah Wal Jamaah

Diantara Kesalahan dan Bid’ah tersebut ialah :

1. Mengusap muka setelah salam.231
2. Berdo’a dan berdzikir secara berjama’ah yang dipimpin oleh imam shalat.232
3. Berdzikir dengan bacaan yang tidak ada nash/dalilnya, baik secara lafazh maupun bilangannya, atau berdzikir dengan dasar yangdha’if(lemah) atau maudhu'(palsu). 498 more words

Cara Shalat

Top Saudi Cleric: ISIS Is Enemy No. 1 of Islam, 'Destroying Human Civilization'

Saudi Arabia’s top religious official has recently denounced the Islamic State terrorist organization, better known as ISIS.

Following the words of other Muslim leaders, Saudi Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Sheikh issued a statement Tuesday that was released by the Saudi Press Agency. 235 more words

Saudi Arabia

Dr Zakir Naik - The Logical Son

I’ve felt very apprehensive about writing this blog, mainly because of how it would be received by my fellow Muslims, whom are avid supports of… 976 more words


Advice To Those Who Hold The Salafi Creed But Speak Badly Of Salafi Scholars - Shaykh Albaani

Shaykh Albaani said, “From what I myself hear directly and from those things I hear through others…it appears to me that those who speak against the scholars and charge them with flattering taaghuts (evil leaders and make other negative aspersions against these scholars), (it appears to me that) these people who accuse the scholars of the present day are, without doubt, from the youth (mostly but not exclusively). 207 more words


Hizbiyyah Within Salafi Circles

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله

The work before you was produced by a colleague and friend of mine, Abu Aaliyah Abdullah bin Dwight Battle, an American student of knowledge and now, shaykh in ‘ilmul-Hadeeth and shariah… 228 more words