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Mengenal Salaf

Siapakah Salaf?

Salaf menurut para ulama adalah sahabat, tabi’in (orang-orang yang mengikuti sahabat) dan tabi’ut tabi’in (orang-orang yang mengikuti tabi’in). Tiga generasi awal inilah yang disebut dengan… 811 more words

Manhaj Salaf

: Memorisation And Comprehension ; Reading and Researching

Imam Ibn Taymiyyah teaches us by saying;

“If we were to believe that the all the Ahadeeth of the Messenger of Allah (slallahu `alayhi wa sallam)) were confined to books, then no scholar knows all that is written in books and nor is it possible for anyone to know all. 115 more words



A statement of the old
Yet we always hear it being told
Again and again and gain
We are struck with pain
Whenever we are remembered. 85 more words


HIJAB- Product of Beauty

A product of modesty
A cover of true beauty
Yet it increases the enemies’ rage
Thus, they utter, “we no longer live in the stone age!” 143 more words

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A product of modesty A cover of true beauty Yet it increases the enemies' rage Thus, they utter, "we no longer live in the stone age!" Stares on her, when she walks by She has a heart of a lioness and a tongue that does not lie A queen, an empress Her inner beauty is beyond what you can express She moves on the roads diligently Eyes turn and watch inquisitively Are they out there to hurt her? No one knows the words they want to utter She lowers her glance, And looks at the sweat in her hands. "Why Am I scared?" she asks herself. Then she remembers the Qur'an her husband had put on her bookshelf The book (Al Qur'an) reads, "Do not fear them!" So she raises her head up and look towards her aim Because Allah is the provider of all her needs.

Sayyid Hegab: Writing the Preamble to Egypt's Constitution

From my recent article at Arab West Report, continuing a series on the committee which rewrote Egypt’s constitution:

The quip often attributed to Otto van Bismarck may apply to Egypt’s constitution: Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them made.

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Singapore, 30 September 2014

President Obama’s address to the UN last week was the first clear statement made by him emphasising the need for liberal intervention in the Middle-East in order to defeat religious extremism. 2,170 more words

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