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Whispers of the Sunrise

Deepest slumbers, gently nudged, by the softest voices of my travelling conscience;
“Awaken, my sweet, come to prayer, come to salvation”
The words rolling through the skies, over the hills of atonement. 181 more words

Daily Prompt Challenges

Come Pray at our Office

To be a university instructor is such an interesting experience which is rich with ups and downs. Inside class, one may encounter memorable incidents and situations that make him/her rock with laughter or fall into depression. 348 more words


Missing the Maghrib Prayer due to breaking fast – by Sheikh Bin Baaz

Questioner says: In Ramadan I do not pray Maghrib with the congregation and that is because of the farness of the masjid and me being preoccupied with breaking fast. 542 more words


The Narrations About the Qunoot Supplication Made in the Witr Prayer

Title of the study: The Narrations About the Qunoot Supplication Made in the Witr Prayer, From a Hadeeth Perspective, and From a Fiqh Perspective

Name of the author: … 1,073 more words


Sunan Of ‘Eid

It is true to say that although much information has reached us about Fasting and Ramadaan – authentic or otherwise, we know very little about the etiquettes of ‘Eid: what we are recommended to do in this day and what is obligatory for us to do. 680 more words


Salat-ul-Tawbah (Prayer of Repentance)

Q: When I was a young man, I committed some sins. Alhamdu lillah , for having guided me to make Tawbah (repentance to Allah). However, I still have doubts about whether Allah has accepted my Tawbah or not. 449 more words


Du’aa of Istikhaarah

Jabir bin Abdullaah –RadhiAllaahu anhu- said the Messenger of Allaah -sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam- used to teach us al-Istikharah (a prayer said for seeking blessings in carrying out a decision) for all matters, just like he used to teach us a chapter from the Qur’aan, he would say: If any of you intends to undertake a matter then he should pray two Rakah other than an obligatory prayer then he should say the Du’aa of Istikhaarah. 267 more words