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'Allah (swt) say's you can!'

Most definite a well needed video for myself.

Sometimes, just sometimes our faith slips a level and we fall. we fall harder than usual and we fall deeper into a hole. 20 more words

Another Headline..

Bukan Salah Saya

Di suatu pagi.

“Mas, koq uang bulanannya jadi berkurang?”
“Ah, itu perasaan dedek aja. Bukan uangnya yang berkurang, tapi memang harga-harga yang naik, jadi terasa kurang…” 230 more words

Shoes as Sutrah

A Sutrah is an object (pillar, wall, stick, spear, etc.), which must be in front of a praying person to act as a symbolic barrier between him and those passing in front of him. 205 more words


A compass must be taken on journeys to determine the qiblah

Q: “What is the ruling on taking a compass on journeys in order to determine the qiblah for one who doesn’t know the directions?”

Shaikh al-Albaani: 7 more words


Importance of Salah

A companion came to Messenger of Allah and said that he had a camel that he used for work and took care of very well. However at the end of the day after being fed, the camel would make horrible noises and then disturb his master when he was sleeping. 151 more words