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Quotes From Ibn Taymiyyah

Ibn Taymiyyah said:

“As for fighting those who invite to innovations, then they are fought to protect the people from their harm, as in the case of war – an adversary may be engaged even though it is not because they are disbelievers. 160 more words


[ #SDVContest ] Gagnes en exclu la prochaine mixtape de @ChrisxDesigns

Chris Designs, c’est un talentueux jeune beatmaker du Bronx. Chris Designs, is a talented beatmaker of 18 from the Bronx.

Il a fait le second titres de ce battle Salah contre Larry (Les Twins) qui s’est passé au Fusion Concept. 276 more words

Urban WOAHT (Blog)

Wiping face after Qunoot in Salah

Despite commonly practiced and performed at masjids, the wiping of face after Qunoot in Salah is NOT sunnah, and is in fact considered Makruh (disliked). 487 more words


The Basics Before Starting the Salah

Date: 21th November 2014; 27th Muharram 1436

After two days In Shaa Allah, the month of Muharram will end. This is one of the sacred months for the Muslim Ummah. 1,962 more words


If we just knew

Assalamu ‘alaikum,

Many a time we neglect our prayers…

if we just knew how much we are missing out, maybe we would fix up and start concentrating when we stand in Salah. 73 more words

Uel Isoc

Weekend Conference

As-salamu alaikum! I must say, that was one insane weekend! I am both emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted, but I learned so much and hope I can become so much better in my faith than I was before. 333 more words