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Technique of Prayer

  •  After performing proper ablution and making sure that neither the clothes worn nor the site of prayer are filthy and genitalia are adequately covered (according to gender), the Muslim faces Qibla and makes intention to the specific prayer  about to be performed.
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Determination of the Qibla

Determination of Qibla

It is essential to face the Kaaba (Mecca) during any prayer (unless physically impossible such as being in a means of transportation. If unable to detect the direction of the Qibla and if there is no one to ask, then a Muslim may pray facing any direction. 499 more words



When is left right?
When he turns his body around, 180 degree.
When is right left?
Just the same motion done –

It’s never about a rigid definition, 12 more words


Description of the Prayer of the Prophet (ﷺ) by Shaykh Abdul Aziz At-Tarefe

The following is notes taken from the lecture and books of Sheikh Abdul Aziz At-Tarefe (I have tried to add the relevant verses and narrations under each point): 3,490 more words


Salah Time - Toddlers

Our toddlers eagerly follow along Salah steps, mashaAllah.

Notice their small prayer mats… :)

Learning Time

Salah tree!

Now track your Salah with this beautiful tree.


Apps to become better Muslims:

We are all addicted to our phones. Why not use them to our benefit?
I provide you with the best apps which will make you more religious and productive inshaAllah. 524 more words