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RIP Baby Myu

23 Oktober 2014 :'(

Titip salam untuk Baby Myu sebelum kamu ya :(


Tamil Movies 2014 Full Movie - Salam Police - Tamil Movies 2014 Full Movie New Releases [HD]

Salam Police Is A 2014 Tamil Movies Casting : Gopi , Priyamani Coming Soon….Tamil Movies Secret Of Sex,IMax Sundhari,Puthan Puthusu Tamil Full Movies 2014 Tamil Songs,Tamil Movies … 6 more words

Deferred Sale (Salam)

  • Salam is a type of sale transaction by which the seller gets the price of a certain item in advance on condition that he will deliver such item to the buyer at a certain date in the future.
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The meaning of "And don't forget your share from this Dunya (life)" - In Ayah 77 of Surat Al QaSaS

‎معنــى ” ولا تنــس نصـيــبــك مــن الدنـيــــا ”

The meaning of “And don’t forget your share from this Dunya (life)” – In Ayah 77
of Surat Al QaSaS… 85 more words

Muslim Abroad

For the past 24 years living in Indonesia (before leaving for study), I have enjoyed the luxury of being the part of Muslim majority. Everything about Islam is well-known; Islamic days or events are celebrated festively; Masjids (mosque) are everywhere, halal foods are available easily. 2,101 more words