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The Plaza Mayor: Under the Clock Tower

Spending your time in Salamanca, you will quickly learn how to direct yourself around the city. Where you live can be broken down into a few places, like “near the river,” or “near Burger King,” or even “across from El Corte Inglés” depending on where you are staying. 372 more words

The NARSissist

I have a belief that most people with more than a passing interest in make up are either a MAC person or a NARS person. Sure, they might dabble here and there but generally you pick a team and stick to it. 308 more words

Stag Adventure to Spain

Many thanks to Roy Smith for his Stag Tales in Spain….

I thought that I would start by sharing a picture of my wife’s Boobies. She took the picture in March 2012 on Ascension Island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean (near the equator) when we were warming up on a break from my Civil Service job supporting the British Forces in the South Atlantic in the Falklands. 1,342 more words

Triumph Stag

Why T&E?

Travel and Education is a study abroad provider to high school, college students, and professionals who are seeking to educate themselves in Spanish language and culture. 37 more words

"I Will Miss"

I will miss Spain’s closeness. I will miss the fact that the personal bubble does not exist here. I will miss sleeping from two-thirty to three everyday. 180 more words


Recorriendo La Raya entre Salamanca y Almeida (I): Ciudad Rodrigo

Como ya os anunciaba en la anterior entrada en esta ocasión nos vamos a ir a la provincia de Salamanca, y en concreto al extremo suroccidental de la provincia para visitar una de las fortalezas españolas más bonitas: Ciudad Rodrigo. 896 more words