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Tracking the Red Eft

The Eastern Newt has a juvenile phase where these small amphibians are land dwelling and a striking shade of orange.

These creatures are tiny–I am always afraid I’m going to step on them as they cross the mossy forest trail. 99 more words


Nature Walks, August

“So come, get ready. Don’t delay! We’re on a nature trail today.”

- by Maurice Pledger, from In The Forest

I can’t believe that August is finishing up!

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Zoot Suit Newt

A snazzy, jazzy daddy and no grander salamander than Zoot Suit Newt!


Illustration of a Salamander

In my Salamander above, I’ve experimented with using a layer to dull the texture underneath it (here I’ve used it to dull out the browns the salamander is on) and then using a rubber, I’ve rubbed it out around the salamander so that his shadow is the originally intensity. 25 more words


Natural selection 4 - Gills allowed

The Mexican who never grew up

Spill the beans, amphibian Pedro Pan,
Can you resolve the mystery
Of your preternatural history?
Prince of perpetual adolescence;

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A Home for Ontogeny and Phylogeny

Construction of the Phyletisches Museum in Jena, Germany began on Goethe’s birthday on August 28, 1907. The Art Nouveau-styled museum was devised by the great evolutionary biologist, embryologist and artist/howthefuckdoyousummarizehowcoolhewas  647 more words


Reading Tom Wharton

After reading some truly dire Canadian fiction, I think it’s worth turning my attention to a Canadian author I’ve enjoyed reading. Thomas Wharton is a writer out of Edmonton who I was vaguely aware of during undergrad because he taught creative writing courses at the University of Alberta. 680 more words