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Why did the salamanders cross the street?

“Police advised people escorting salamanders across Henry Street in the Cushman section of Amherst to stay out of the travel lanes. Both the people and the salamanders remained safe for the duration of the event.” 120 more words

In the News!

A couple quick updates from the lab!

Brad‘s research on sexual dimorphism of scorpions was recently featured on livescience: http://www.livescience.com/45938-female-scorpions-bite-more.html   Want to read the actual paper? 70 more words


More streaming shows to keep you up at night, in a good way (mostly)

Salamander:  Paul Gerardi is a Belgian cop with an inextricably Italian name, a whiny wife (gosh, where have I seen that before?), a sullen teen daughter (so far not looking good) and a crime that no one, least of all the victims, wants to talk about let alone report to the police. 773 more words

Japanese giant salamander caught taking a stroll on land

RocketNews 24:


Japan is home to many strange and interesting creatures from freakishly huge wasps to beautifully blue glowing squid, but perhaps one of the oddest is the seldom seen  234 more words


Happy gift

Wind blows rain
slashing sideways
black skies hide
the sun,
driving through waterfall
roads look like rivers
flowing into grey.
Sun pushes through as
storm passes by… 69 more words