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Ophir offers to buy Salamander Energy

Ophir Energy offered to buy Salamander Energy for $419 million in order to expand in southeast Asia. The acquisition would give Ophir an oilfield already in production off Thailand’s coast and a gas development in Indonesia. 30 more words

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Can you spot the lizard? It was slightly difficult to get a picture of this little reptile, but I finally managed to take one when it stopped and camouflaged with the tree.


The sixth day of creation - Part 1

As the fish were formed out of water, and the birds out of boggy earth well mixed with water, so the mammals were formed out of solid earth, and as leviathan is the most notable representative of the fish kind, and ziz of the bird kind, so behemot is the most notable representative of the mammal kind. 1,549 more words

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how amphibian-like are thy branches

Being an imported holiday, Christmas in Japan is special. They don’t do things quite the same way that many of us do when celebrating the secular side of the holiday. 322 more words



Small, lizard-like amphibian, once thought to be able to live in fire. Old French “salamandre” < Greek “salamandra.”


Skin-eating Fungus Threatens Salamanders.

European and American Salamander populations are at risk due to a fungal infection spreading as a result of Asian Salamander species brought in as pets by the exotic pet industry. 51 more words