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40K Campaign: The Search for Vulky's Gold

Conflict brews on the eastern fringe.

On Monday, I started a campaign with four friends. I had intended to just GM, but when one guy dropped out I had to join. 348 more words


AP Environmental Students' Great Smoky Mountains Trip

AP Environmental Science students enjoyed a field trip to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park on Monday, Sept. 22, where they worked with park staff at the Purchase Knob research center. 115 more words

Asheville School Faculty

Juvenile Eastern Newts Leaving Ponds

Eastern newts, those four-inch long, red-spotted, olive-green, aquatic salamanders that inhabit most ponds, breed throughout the summer and well into the fall. Their eggs hatch in three to five weeks and the aquatic larvae are equipped with gills with which they breathe for the next three months or so. 153 more words


Eastern Red-backed Salamander Eggs Hatching

If you make a habit of looking under (and carefully replacing) rotting logs lying on the forest floor, sooner or later you will be rewarded with the discovery of an eastern red-backed salamander. 178 more words


Laborious Labor Day Weekend

I think we may have done Labor Day both wrong and right.

Saturday: We climbed a tall mountain (what up Algonquin!)

While considered one of the harder peaks we did it in about 5 hours. 119 more words


Hot Springs Pools at Breitenbush

If you’re in a scenic location, it really isn’t hard to take good photos. I suppose I should qualify that to “photos you’re happy with” since I’ve never had any instruction. 419 more words

What we're reading: Aug 22, 2014

Who dispersed the seeds?
DNA barcoading applications are now being used on seeds, not to determine the species of the plant but which species dispersed the seeds. 127 more words

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