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Determined Spotted Salamanders

It’s rare to get a glimpse of a Spotted Salamander – these secretive amphibians spend most of their lives hidden under rocks or logs or in the burrows of other forest animals, emerging only at night to feed and during spring mating. 107 more words

Animal Adaptations

Salamanders are doing their best to stave off climate change

If we can’t get through to Republicans, at least we have one slimy little crawler* that’s helping to mitigate climate change. A new study indicates that woodland salamanders help keep carbon out of the atmosphere, thanks to their diet of insects that feed on dead leaves. 369 more words

Climate & Energy

Spring; Time for Roman orgies in the woods

Now the sentence you’ve all been waiting for. Lets take a moment and talk about salamanders.

Temperatures above freezing at night along with some ice melting rains, means that the breeding migration of numerous salamanders and woodland frogs is underway across the six states of New England. 270 more words



Ancient coal swamp eyes -
If I had a flume for thee ~
We would swim as one.


Salamander Rescue

I have always loved Salamanders.

When I was young I spent hours turning over rocks to see if I could find a salamander living under it. 483 more words


Searching for Spring

On Saturday, Tara and I original intended to go to Garrett Mountain – a local migration hotspot to see what was arriving.  I hard heard that earlier in the week there wasn’t much, but it seemed worth a visit, if for no other reason then getting a chance to say farewell to our winter birds. 637 more words

Great Blue Heron

Spring Peepers And Salamanders Hit The Road

DELAWARE WATER GAP — This cold wet weather is the perfect time for spring peepers, also known as wood frogs.

The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area is getting ready for its annual amphibian migration across a busy park road. 285 more words