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Amphibian Lesson

Objective:  Help children learn some of the traits for amphibians and compare to other animals.  (You may want to organize your amphibian theme activities into 2 lessons.) 479 more words



The otherworld calls in smoke and thunder.
Knowing you are not forgotten
salamanders of yesteryear
crawl from furnaces where you lay,
their myriad eyes burning red… 127 more words


VII. The Road, Part One

Night fell early on the day

Allhollow was swept away

Now we curse with ‘Anbra’s breath’

The Demon’s fire brought us death


They made camp early that first night so Tanse and the others could be shown how it was done. 2,125 more words

Ashes Of The Endless


Something a bit different today, and a lot less yellow!

I was recently commissioned to paint up Vulkan, Primarch of the Salamanders. This was my first ever primarch which was very exciting! 146 more words

Space Marine

THE MOVING QUEST -- our new world---fauna

These little guys are all over and occasionally one is seen “sleeping” on the roadside. Someone either the deer or a driver was cautious.

Monarchs while they are difficult to make out are here by the thousands at Monarch Grove. 192 more words



Considering Amorette’s Faerie Realm


These Fire Elementals are extremely dangerous, fiercely loyal to the Faerie Queen, Amorette; they are fearless, completely unrestrained; with unfettered emotions and indomitable wills. 84 more words


Conserving Asian newts could save the world’s salamanders

By Dr. Jodi Rowley, Dr. Bryan Stuart

Salamanders are popular as pets in many countries. To satisfy this demand, they are harvested from the wild and transported across the planet. 784 more words