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Hellbenders in Appalachia, USA

This video says about itself:

The Last Dragons – Protecting Appalachia‘s Hellbenders

An intimate glimpse at North America’s Eastern Hellbender, an ancient salamander that lives as much in myth as in reality….

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To: Grove Lake HOA

by Rebecca Buchanan

To: Grove Lake HOA

From: Katie Kennedy, Secretary

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Flash Fiction

Haiku #7: Treetop Salamanders

salamanders live
their whole lives in redwood trees
never touching ground


Hellbender Salamanders

I spent countless hours, when I was young, exploring the creek that ran through our woods. I found crawdads and snails, snakes and minnows, darters and stream lamprey. 321 more words


Cleansing & Purifying Gemstones with Earth, Air, Water, & Fire

If you’re an active gemstone fanatic like I am, you are continually collecting new crystals as they call out to you from the shelves. If you’re lucky, you may live in an area where you can find them in nature! 594 more words


Hellbenders: salamanders in peril

As the largest salamander in the Western hemisphere, you wouldn’t think that hellbenders could easily slip under the radar. However, these well-camouflaged, aquatic creatures are rarely seen, and due to loss of suitable habitat, they are being seen with increasing rarity. 151 more words

Flora & Fauna

Amphibian for the day: Salamandra infraimmaculata

Continuing the amphibian theme from the last post, here is one of the cards from my geographical educational card game, showing a public domain image of the beautifully coloured… 6 more words