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The First Salary Feeling

I have an older brother, and with him working part-time over the summer holidays I’ve been seeing less and less of him. I’ve noticed a significant decline in living room cushion-fights (I bet Mum’s been relieved!) and the days have been a little quieter with him not bouncing around in the house. 540 more words

Could Travel Nursing Be in Your Future?

Are you a fan of travel? Do you also enjoy your nursing profession? Well, a career in travel nursing is exactly as it sounds: you travel the country as a nurse! 268 more words

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Day 71 of 180 – Trekking Up the Money Mountain

Action Tip:  Alright! We are getting through this middle ground between our gross pay and our net pay and also understanding what numbers are important when comparing job offers! 74 more words

Living Below Means

!!! Crumpler The Salary Sacrifice (Gunmetal/grey/Yellow)

Crumpler The Salary Sacrifice (Gunmetal/grey/Yellow)

Crumpler The Salary Sacrifice (Gunmetal/grey/Yellow). If you looking for Crumpler The Salary Sacrifice (Gunmetal/grey/Yellow). For more details of Crumpler The Salary Sacrifice (Gunmetal/grey/Yellow), please follow the link below. 86 more words

Value of $100

Using recent data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the Tax Foundation calculated the relative value of $100 across each state in the US. A hundred dollars goes the furthest in Mississippi, where it is estimated to be worth $115.74 and is worth the least in DC, valued at $84.60. 11 more words

In Writing

Just thinking...

… about my best sellers. 

This picture I took during my trip to Budapest 2 years ago. Nice indeed. Pity that then I wasn’t thinking about stock images.. 79 more words