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  1. I think it’s relatively easy for people to accept something like telepathy or precognition or teleplasm because their willingness to believe doesn’t cost them anything. It doesn’t keep them awake nights.
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All my life there’s been this running monologue inside my head.  It began when, as a kid, I would rehearse future conversations I was worried about, or revisit conversations I’d already ballsed up.  427 more words

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Not the biggest image, but it is the cover of the paperback I’ve been reading:

A vast improvement on Carrie, in my humble opinion. The dates at the end show it took… 451 more words



This is a quick sketch I did while watching “Salem’s Lot”.

Looks more like Klaus Kinski in Herzog’s “Nosferatu”!

The Stephen King and I

Perhaps you’re upset that you missed the opportunity to sleep on a New York City sidewalk during a chilly November night just to have a brief audience (I’m talking about five seconds) with… 1,412 more words