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Conspicuous - The Strain's Lot

Estreou esta semana no meu televisor a série do FX, The Strain. Sendo fã do género terror achei por bem dar uma oportunidade a esta série. 481 more words


Thoughts Over Ink And Coffee: Book Haul

This is my book haul from the bookstore the other day. I decided since I’m trying to write it would be inspiring to also read more. 434 more words

College Grad

"'Salem's Lot" a Book Review

So, I’m still trekking through King’s books and I’ve trekked all the way back to his second outing in 1975, ‘Salem’s Lot. I actually had no idea that King ever tackled vampires, but boy, when King tackles a well-worn, well-tread subject, he does it with a fresh ferocity befitting his reputation. 355 more words


7 Reasons Why I Love Stephen King

Pfffft (blows proverbial raspberry)…like I really need any rationale as to why I read Stephen King.  His books are awesome.  His storytelling is just unbelievably good.   3,383 more words

Stephen King

Today's Reading Log

I’m on page 121 of Stephen King’s new novel, Revival, and I’m waiting for the plot to kick in.  King has lost none of his storytelling abilities over the years.   221 more words

Salem’s Lot, by Stephen King - Quotes

  1. I think it’s relatively easy for people to accept something like telepathy or precognition or teleplasm because their willingness to believe doesn’t cost them anything. It doesn’t keep them awake nights.
  2. 370 more words
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hail the king

All my life there’s been this running monologue inside my head.  It began when, as a kid, I would rehearse future conversations I was worried about, or revisit conversations I’d already ballsed up.  427 more words

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