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The Intertwining of Customer Marketing and Sales

Relationships, Technology, and Accountability

Customer Marketing 3.0 challenges marketing leaders to reevaluate not only their customer marketing activities but vast facets of their marketing organizations. The relationships customer marketing practitioners develop and maintain with each of these different groups—from sales, to customer success, to product, to finance, to IT—evolve from ones largely focused on tactical issues to ones that are much more strategic in scope. 697 more words


Is sales enablement making sales people stupid? Response!

Happy new year everyone. After a short break for holiday and family time, it is time to re-join the sales world! I hope you got to enjoy some R&R with family and friends too. 318 more words

Sales Enablement

Seismic Shakes, Rattles And Rolls With $20M In Funding

Seismic, a company that helps sales and marketing departments create and manage their content, while ensuring they are always using the most current materials, landed $20M in Series B funding today. 490 more words


Enable your sales engagement

Sales enablement plays a vital role in powering a company’s future growth. If your sales teams and partners don’t know what to sell, how to sell it, or how to sell strategically, how can you expect to grow or even sustain market share in a competitive world? 87 more words


What's the difference between sales enablement and sales engagement?

There are lots of buzz words floating around these days to describe the latest and greatest ideas and innovations to power your business.  Sales and marketing are the most recent beneficiaries of this buzz and understanding the difference between sales enablement and sales engagement is essential to operating a high performance customer acquisition process. 419 more words


The Buyer's Journey: Marketing & Sales Roles

We have a great deal of research now about how B2B buyers travel through a specific process before they ultimately purchase. As sales and marketing teams adapt to this new world order, what roles should they play at each stage of this journey? 250 more words


Five Keys to a Great Sales Pitch

Building a great sales pitch is both an art and science.  Sales and marketing professionals work very hard to get to the right person with the right message and have them agree to take time out of their increasingly busy day to hear what they have to say. 426 more words