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What's the difference between sales enablement and sales engagement?

There are lots of buzz words floating around these days to describe the latest and greatest ideas and innovations to power your business.  Sales and marketing are the most recent beneficiaries of this buzz and understanding the difference between sales enablement and sales engagement is essential to operating a high performance customer acquisition process. 419 more words


The Buyer's Journey: Marketing & Sales Roles

We have a great deal of research now about how B2B buyers travel through a specific process before they ultimately purchase. As sales and marketing teams adapt to this new world order, what roles should they play at each stage of this journey? 250 more words


Five Keys to a Great Sales Pitch

Building a great sales pitch is both an art and science.  Sales and marketing professionals work very hard to get to the right person with the right message and have them agree to take time out of their increasingly busy day to hear what they have to say. 426 more words


The Confined SEO Strategy

During my stints as an account manager/lead generation specialist with leading companies in the information technology domain, it was interesting to carry out several experiments on online content to be amongst the top websites in search results. 416 more words


Your Doctor May Be Your Best Sales Coach

In my previous blog post I talked about a selling strategy that helps to eliminate lost sales.  Lost due to a disconnect between the prospect and the sales person.   651 more words


Virtual Racks Provide Endless Hardware Configurations

  Byline by Dana Drissel, published by TMCnet.

Marketers of rack-based products have a very difficult task set before them: Differentiating a fragile, intricate piece of equipment, which often looks identical to competitor products and needs to be ‘powered on’ to effectively demonstrate. 904 more words

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Set Your Sales Pitch Apart by Asking Informed Questions

Although a standard part of any sales pitch, asking questions that are thoughtful and that highlight knowledge of the problem and solution are both rare and differentiating… 158 more words