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The Most Important Sales Question You Need To Ask

Selling is a combination of both art and science.  It requires intelligence, curiosity, study, and practice.  Unfortunately too many books have been written by self-proclaimed gurus who are running around promoting persuasion, influence and manipulation.   455 more words


Why is every sales pitch deck different at your company?

The “pitch deck” is the essential tool in the salesperson’s toolbox.  It defines the problem, showcases the deep knowledge possessed by the company and how the product or service they sell not only solves that problem but does it in a way that no other competitor can touch. 263 more words


Low cost sales enablement apps

Given my background in implementing Sales Enablement solutions at large complex enterprises, quick and light solutions for very small companies – with only a few products and a small sales force – haven’t been the focus of this blog. 984 more words

Passing The Storytelling Baton

When it comes to Marketing and Sales (and Service, Support, etc) working together to drive the most effective commercial conversations, there is plenty written about storytelling. 325 more words

Marketing & Sales Algnment

Highspot nabs $9.6M to enter more customers' minds with the right content

“Getting inside the mind of the customer.”

That’s the goal cloud-based sales engagement platform Highspot has set for itself, by helping salespeople find, share, and repurpose content — brochures, slide presentations, product sheets, and the like — for customers. 234 more words


The 3 Crucial Questions You Should Ask Your Sales Team to Improve Marketing Results

Marketers love to A/B test web treatments, tweaking the phrasing of a message or position of a button to improve campaign results.  But do we really know what content moves the sale forward when our sales team are in front of prospects? 749 more words


Marketers, Put Down The Gloves. Pick Up The Bag.

As Marketers, we have many tools at our disposal to help deliver our message in compelling and memorable ways to our target audiences. When it comes to influencing Sales, it seems like the tool of choice is often a virtual pair of boxing gloves. 31,466 more words

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