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Marketers: Your Most Important Audience is Sales

If you Google the terms “content marketing and sales,” you’ll find scores of white papers, articles and blog posts attesting to the value of content marketing as a lead generation engine that fuels sales. 911 more words


New Hire Sales Rep Onboard Training: The Perfect Window to Deliver

This past week as I enjoyed sitting outside in the cool San Francisco Fall weather, warming my hands around a much-needed cuppa joe – I was chatting and reflecting with a wise and experienced colleague about the “perfect time window” to deliver New Hire Sales Reps Onboard Training. 563 more words

Sales Enablement

Seven Tips to Get Sales and Marketing Working Together

While there will probably always be some good-natured joking about whether the marketing division or the sales team is more important, ultimately both have to be in synch. 558 more words

Content Marketing

Three Sales Metrics Every Marketer Should Own

I’m always shocked when I speak to sales and marketing professionals and find that they have very few shared metrics aside from revenue or profitability. Marketers are responsible for leads, unique website visitors and brand awareness. 673 more words

Marketing Best Practices

Does your content work for your sales team?

Companies possess and continuously create a wide variety of content designed to build awareness, generate prospect interest, and help sales teams close new customers. And many companies also have a tremendous amount of content available for post-sales and customer support needs. 455 more words


Training Assessments: Aligning Training Intervention to Business Outcomes

What is training worth?   Take a few moments to think about the question. What is training really worth? According to the ASTD (2012), U.S. organizations spent more than $156 billion on employee learning in 2012. 2,018 more words

What does CRM mean to you?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the most widely used and most widely misunderstood terms in today’s corporate environments. CRM is a catch-all term used to describe software and related technologies that manage customer facing business functions (most notably Sales, Customer Service and Marketing), business processes and data. 757 more words