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Pinoy Games As Product-Brand PR Promotions

Capture the Filipino market with an event that creates an ecosystem in the communities: looping household neighborhoods and community stores. Place your bet on the games of our heritage: LARONG PINOY. 638 more words

How to look for the right digital marketing assistant for your business?

What is digital marketing in the true sense of the word. Digital marketing is a form of marketing or advertising that uses electronic devices like mobile phones, personal computers, laptops or any kind of electronic gadgets that can access the internet. 441 more words

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The promotion that kicked the supermarket in the 50p's

On Tuesday a colleague shared with me this Sainsbury’s internal poster asking staff to encourage customers to spend a further 50p per visit. So what? It’s no different to what any marketing department would consider, ‘how do we increase customer spend?’ 490 more words


Finding your best website developer through the SalesNgin Digital marketing team

What is digital marketing? Even in today’s modern world, many still confused about digital marketing. But, the best logical explanation for this current promotional scheme is simply advertising any business in the internet by using different strategy like, … 426 more words

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The big reason why Internet Marketer like SalesNgin is important?

If you have been in the business all your life and no matter what happens with regards to economic status in general, you always find yourself keeping up with the situation. 437 more words

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Learn the key factors to become a successful Online Marketer

Online marketing or digital marketing is the most effective advertising technique nowadays. And it’s been widely used by many, particularly people who are experts in traditional marketing turned online marketers.  456 more words

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