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What Sales Reps Should Do in the First 30 Days of 2015

Written by Emma Snider | @emmajs24

You just closed out Q4. 2014 is over, and you blew it out of the water. But before you have a minute to relax … 679 more words


Why you shouldn't always trust the Sales Rep.

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t always take things at face value. Sometimes the sales rep. can be very helpful – they should be, its their job to be. 473 more words


Operational (Mid-sized) Enterprise Solution Architecture (ESA) Case Study – Part 1

In this series of blog posts, we’re exploring several applications of the use of Enterprise Solution Architecture as an effective framework for solving business and technology problems. 434 more words

Lucky Agency Lands Leading Lady

My appointment yesterday was with one of the most well-respected reps in the province. She worked for years with a small, independently owned agency and built a strong customer base for them, leaving to take care of her family just last year. 582 more words


What is it to be "Powered by ConnectAndSell"? (for Lead Gen & for Sales Reps)

In this article, you will learn what the difference is between a Rep “powered by ConnectAndSell” vs. one that isn’t!  For Lead Gen Reps, and for Sales Reps. 212 more words

Sales Management

Your Duty as a Sales Professional

One of the biggest hurdles I find with sales professionals is the lack of connection with their responsibility and what it takes to fulfill that responsibility.   493 more words