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You want to be Successful…so why Work So Hard?

Many people believe that the harder you work, the more you will accomplish.

The problem is: most people are working very hard, but they find they are not accomplishing as much as they’d like. 436 more words


Hiring sales pros for their relationships is an ineffective strategy

I consult for a number of ad tech, technology and publishing companies. Most of my work is in helping them understand how to sell. I’ve found there’s a blind spot in assessing the value of sales talent and leveraging sales process. 568 more words


Inside sales training to create confidence

Training Your Sales Team

Confidence is a direct product of sales training. Building confidence is not simply a matter of providing knowledge. Sales training puts valuable tools in everyone’s hands and those tools can help build enough confidence to make an average sales rep into a top performer. 303 more words

Sales Training

Sales Acumen trumps Product Knowledge...period.

I stand by my assertion that I’d rather teach the product to a sales pro with true sales acumen. I’d much prefer sales pros who understand selling and selling to the sort of clients we need than someone who’s strength is product knowledge only.  441 more words


Do Boy Scouts Make The Best Salespeople?

Are you Prepared?

I’ve seen and heard this all to often, salespeople booking appointments and then forgetting about them until the day before the meeting… Is this something you do? 365 more words


12 Ways To Find New Customers

Are you a leader in need of ideas for how to retain your customers and how to find new ones?

Here are 12 ideas for you… 77 more words

Eric Jacobson On Leadership

HOT LEAD, coming through...

Today, I’d like to talk about a business principle called “leads”.

Leads are links to potential buyers. They can be hot, warm, or cold.

A hot lead is when you cross paths with someone who is ready to buy, able to buy, and looking for exactly what you’re selling. 837 more words