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Six Words That Will Change Your (sales) Life..

Have you ever been in what seemed to be the longest sales cycle of your life?

Call after call, and you keep telling your sales manager that the prospect has come up with another reason not to buy this week – even though you have had several fruitful conversations. 576 more words

10 Seconds of Golden Silence

If you’re like most professional sellers, silence drives you crazy. After all, most of us have been trained to deliver polished presentations to prospective customers … we’ve rehearsed , perhaps been coached or criticized; we’ve been taught to “dazzle the prospect with our expertise.” When you’re meeting with a prospective client and there is a brief lull in the discussion, I’ll bet you jump right in to fill it. 1,212 more words

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Making 2014 The Year of Training & Development

Dear Sales Leaders,

We have a problem.  For the last two years running, Inside Sales Leaders selected Training & Development as their single biggest challenge.  It wasn’t recruiting and hiring, although that was #2. 722 more words

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The Theory of Negativity

I have some advice for you newer salespeople out there who are still learning the business and forming your opinions as to what success looks like: STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVE PEOPLE. 72 more words

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There are power in numbers

If you – like the majority of people living in Cape Town- use the public train late at night, you know for a fact that it is safer when you travel either with someone else or in a carriage that has more people in it. 262 more words


Product Knowledge - The New Training for the New Paradigm

Traditional sales training is crap. Sorry about that to 90% of the sales training companies out there, but I’ll tell you why.  When a customer comes into a dealership armed with more product knowledge than the salesperson that takes them as an ‘up’, almost all of the sales tactics that are taught are counterproductive, annoying, confrontational, irrelevant and just plain wrong.  470 more words

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Quick Tips to Become a Preferred Supplier

The Purchasing Department is the first point of contact for suppliers and is responsible for identifying and contracting with companies that provide consistently high quality products and services. 367 more words

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