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Butt-whooping of a salesman

Not that I actually have, at least not yet.  But hey–there’s a first time for everything.

Yes, my pretties, it’s time for a salespeople rant.  Those of you who’ve excavated the archives of posts past may be scratching your heads and wondering, “didn’t we just go down this road?”  I have done so in the past, but it’s been awhile and it’s time to revive the rant-fest tradition. 1,640 more words

I've had enough of your nose up my butt...

I watched my dog try to figure out what this new thing was when we brought home our rescue kitty. Jasper, our miniature poodle, kept his nose up Lenny’s butt for the better part of two weeks. 777 more words

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The No. 1 Reason Why Salespeople Leave Money On The Table

There’s a point in the selling process where salespeople often feel the urge to talk – when they should keep quiet. Research suggests that, if you simply stay silent at that critical moment, you’ll get a higher price. 8 more words

My Advice to Potential Salespeople

I’m biased, but I think sales is the best career anyone could ask for.

Let’s look at some basic truths;

– After professional athletes, salespeople are the highest paid people in the world. 1,075 more words


How I Hire Salespeople - Part 1

Hiring great salespeople is by far the topic people talk to me and ask me about the most. And here is what I tell them. 938 more words


5 Ways B2B SaaS Sales is Dramatically Different Today than 5 Years Ago

Welcome to 2015! A new year with new possibilities. If you’re in sales and on a calendar year then you start the year even with nowhere to go but up. 485 more words