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Well, I have a report that I didn’t think I was going to be able to write from a positive standpoint. My wife and I just had an anniversary and she wanted to buy a IPad Air…….so, we checked the papers and ads and found that Staples had a sale going on the Air IPad. 304 more words


We are ALL Salespeople. (Love to hear an argument)

From birth we started to become salespeople by using are actions to get what we wanted.  Cry Food.  Cry Need our diaper changed.   U understand.  Then we learned how to talk and became exceptional  salespeople by the use of words and seeing their effect on people.   107 more words

Selling using MBTI personality type theory – can this really work?

Before answering this question let’s start by defining selling.

Some say it is an art, others say it’s a process or it’s a way you help people make the decisions to buy something. 437 more words

Leadership, Team And Culture

Why I Think "The Customer is Always Right" Is Overrated

If you’ve ever worked in sales or retail, you’ve heard the phrase, “The customer is always right” about a million times (maybe that’s an exaggeration, but you’ve heard it… 352 more words

Can You Walk The Talk?

So many times we listen to what others have to say. We do so with great intensity. In that moment of time what we are hearing is of the utmost importance. 434 more words



Went to a Bass Pro Shop today. Never had been before. As I walked in I hear myself say, “Holy Crap. I must be almost in Heaven!” I say, almost, as I knew I was still alive. 210 more words

Gordon Kuhn

Luxury Shopping Do's and Don'ts

Before I worked for a luxury brand, I don’t think I ever gave shopping in these stores much thought. Now after helping so many annoying customers, I think there should be some rules to follow. 402 more words

Dos And Donts