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Working as an Apple salesperson is a lot like being a therapist

“I found myself counseling or consoling people twice my age in a way I never thought I would.”

That’s what Peter, a former Apple “specialist,” told me about his years working the floor of an Apple store in Manhattan. 384 more words

6 Types Of People You Need To Judge Right Away

Today everybody’s like, “You shouldn’t judge people, man. You don’t know who they are or where they come from.”

But I call bullshit on that. … 488 more words

In Search of Middle Ground

I’m aware that I’m lacking patience, particularly recently. There are things that I used to let slide, or maybe even laugh at, that I just don’t want to put up with anymore. 1,051 more words


Who Is Watching You?

Now more than ever it is of the utmost importance to maintain a certain level of decorum when writing or responding on social media. While we all use this platform to be heard in one form or another, we must remember that everyone has access to everything we post. 283 more words



Well, I have a report that I didn’t think I was going to be able to write from a positive standpoint. My wife and I just had an anniversary and she wanted to buy a IPad Air…….so, we checked the papers and ads and found that Staples had a sale going on the Air IPad. 304 more words


We are ALL Salespeople. (Love to hear an argument)

From birth we started to become salespeople by using are actions to get what we wanted.  Cry Food.  Cry Need our diaper changed.   U understand.  Then we learned how to talk and became exceptional  salespeople by the use of words and seeing their effect on people.   107 more words

Selling using MBTI personality type theory – can this really work?

Before answering this question let’s start by defining selling.

Some say it is an art, others say it’s a process or it’s a way you help people make the decisions to buy something. 488 more words

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