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Interview with the son of Mohammed Salim - Celtic's first Asian Sensation!

The Shamrock has stumbled across a video history of Indian Football online which includes a prominent feature on the first Asian to play football in Europe – Celtic’s Mohammed Salim. 318 more words

Young Demon Update

Hello !

I’ve finnally had some time to work on this , i’ve finished the retopo , and started doing uvs and look dev . 26 more words


We all have read how Salim was a child of many prayers and Akbar doted on him. But Salim was so naughty that he was sent to war field at age of 7 to learn discipline. 549 more words


C# regex check string contains html

I’m using following regex pattern to check a string contains html.

string input = "<a href=\"www.google.com\">test</a>";
const string pattern = "</?\\w+((\\s+\\w+(\\s*=\\s*(?:\".*?\"|'.*?'|[^'\">\\s]+))?)+\\s*|\\s*)/?>";
Regex reg = new Regex(pattern);
var matches = reg.Matches(input);
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Chef recipe: syntax error,unexpected tIDENTIFIER, expecting ':'

Can someone please take a look at the below code block and let me know what is wrong in this

%w"#{zookeeper_ensemble}".each_with_index do |ip, index|
  if node['ipaddress']?("#{ip}") 
    template "#{zookeeper_data}/myid" do
      source "myid.erb"
      owner zookeeper_user
      group zookeeper_user
        :myid=> "#{index}"
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Two More Rounds

‘Salim, let’s go home dear. It is getting dark’, said Chaand, as she stopped an eight year old boy riding a red colored bicycle.

‘Grandma, just two more rounds please’ replied Salim, ‘and then we’ll be off.’ 193 more words


What is the difference between facebook id and graph id


"id": "5027xy014",
"first_name": "...",
"gender": "male",
"last_name": "...",
"locale": "en_US",
"name": "...",
"username": "myusernamehere.11"


"id": "101521xxxxxxxxxxxxx", 
"name": "xxxxxx yyyyy"
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