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CN July 24, 2014

On today’s show – a bit of a history lesson, largely from a few decades ago.
You’ve probably entertained this thought yourself – why is it, a hundred years after slavery, that black America still seems so far behind? 425 more words

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The vacation

It was a long vacation after the L.S.C examinations. No tension of studying books and notes. Free all day long, yet the vacation was not a spectacular one. 283 more words



Jawaban terindah pada pemfitnah: “Jika kau benar, semoga Allah mengampuniku. Jika kau keliru, semoga Allah mengampunimu.”

Jawaban terbaik pada penghina: “Yang kau katakan tadi sebenarnya pujian; sebab aku lebih tahu, bahwa aslinya diriku lebih rendah dari itu.” 52 more words

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Salim: Trailer

Music composer Vijay Antony turned producer and actor with the Tamil film Naan (2012), which did reasonably well at the box office. He now returns with his second film as producer and actor, … 124 more words


#MMM the Conflict Entrepreneurs! Modi Muslims and Media

Kishwar’s book) starts with a phrase coined by Mahesh Bhatt : ‘Conflict Entrepreneurs’. Some Conflict Entrepreneurs love conflicts -like war industries who need wars to survive. 376 more words