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Minunile Clujene din afara lui.

… iar după ce te-ai asigurat că în țara ta ai văzut tot ce se poate, îți permiți să vezi și frumusețile altor state :) 849 more words

Hotel Signum - Salina, Italy Quietly located on Salina Island,...

Hotel Signum – Salina, Italy Quietly located on Salina Island, in Italy’s volcanic Aeolian…

4 more weeks!

4 more weeks until school is done for this semester. I am excitedddddd. I am just ready for my Reporting and Writing 2 class to be done with, my teacher is extremely random. 139 more words


Poem for April 5

No one appreciates the weeds

Only the flowers

But without the weeds

Would you value the flowers?

To know what it is

To have get the bad with the good… 26 more words


Green-eyed Lady Prompt

Who are you?
And why do you control me? What can I do  to release you? I can’t The feeling of inferiority The feeling of superiority… 72 more words

My friend Zareen spent her spring break in Dallas for a wedding and the reception is being held this weekend, here in Chicago. She’s an Indian-Persian girl so family is a big deal for her. 345 more words


Poems for April 2 and April 3


Once love is lost

Will it ever return

Will the time be taken out?

If hurt goes away

Will it ever return

Or will the time that has passed… 120 more words