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Want to have some Social Media fun this weekend?

Come visit us and join in on the fun!  Just use this link to set up a new account, it just takes a few minutes and you are ready to play!   276 more words

Affording Healthcare for the "Working Poor" without Medicaid Expansion???

I am not an economist, and I cannot attempt to explain how we got here. I don’t know the answer for the whole country, I just know that people need help. 961 more words

We always need to keep on Learning and Growing!

I love to learn, and cannot get enough new information on the internet every day!

People are “hard wired” to learn, and to explore ideas. Most of us were glad when our formal school days were over. 883 more words

Today is our 30th Wedding Anniversary!

August 4, 1984 was the start of my incredible married life.

We had the best party and the most fun.  We had 2 receptions – one after the wedding in Danbury, CT with all of our east coast relatives and friends, and then another one soon after in Milwaukee, WI with all of our midwest family and friends! 301 more words

Inspire...to breathe life into...everything!

I love to look into the meaning and history of words and phrases.

Inspiration, inspire. What wonderful words.

in·spire (n-spr)

v. in·spired, in·spir·ing, in·spires

v.tr. 439 more words