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Alex Salmond bought me lunch

I was struggling with what will be the next post on this blog – Why I’m voting No – when an exchange on social media reminded me that Alex Salmond once bought me lunch. 683 more words

An English Perspective on a Scottish Referendum

To many Scots the idea of another English perspective on their hugely significant independence referendum is an unwelcome prospect, the most likely reaction being “its none of your business”. 726 more words


Should Britain claim her independence from Scotland?

At one level it is not appropriate for me to comment on the forthcoming referendum as I am English, and proud of it. On the other hand, I have extremely close, and very dearly beloved family living north of the border, and I spend significant periods of time with them and with Scottish friends, so it is quite likely and reasonable that I should have an opinion. 1,720 more words

Are Televised Debates the Way Forward?

Last night the second of the debates regarding Scottish Independence took place. Instead of critiquing  Salmond and Darling’s performance I though it better to ask a much broader and maybe unanswerable question. 279 more words


On the Independant Republic of Scotland

Not much time for writing this week, I’ve been too busy writing for commercial gain. Yes, that’s right; I am a whore. Line my palm with silver and I will do your bidding, at the expense all other commitments. 425 more words

Let Salmond be Salmond: The Second Television Debate

Fallout from First Debate
The last few weeks have seen rumblings in the Yes camp about Alex Salmond following his performance in the first debate. Mutterings of leadership bids, comments being made to newspapers and a push to say that Yes is more than the First Minister. 906 more words


Delivery, Delivery, Delivery

A few days ago, Professor Tom Devine described George Galloway’s statements about Scottish independence as ‘talking rhetoric’. But in last night’s debate on independence between Alistair Darling (for… 499 more words