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What have the SNP ever done for us?

I’m voting no because I really hate that Alex Salmond and the SNP, what have they ever done for us anyway?

Here’s a few “wee things”… 574 more words


Stupid arguments against independence: no. 3,412

I don’t like Alex Salmond.

Well, that’s the debate over, isn’t it.

Opposing Scotland having the right to determine it’s own journey and destination because you don’t like Salmond is like refusing to go on your dream holiday because the driver of the coach that takes you to the airport looks a bit funny.


The Biggest Threat to people in the North East isn't the Tories, it's the SNP

Although Alex Salmond doesn’t like to admit it, the debate on Scottish Independence has been had. It has expanded into every corner of policy, culture, economics, sport and politics; the only fight that is continuing is an emotional one. 886 more words


Evidence Ends, Recess, Consideration

The European and External Relations Committee have now finished taking evidence on the question of an independent Scotland’s membership of the EU.

Following recess, during which parliament will not be sitting (5 April – 20 April), the committee will consider all that they have heard.


Scottish Independence - The Real Issues

The debate over Scottish Independence continues. But how many voters have actually looked at the issues in depth? Probably a very small minority. Voters in the referendum are likely to be swayed solely based on the information that politicians on either side wish to share, which is about a millionth of what people really need to make an informed decision. 1,930 more words

Salmond sets out agenda for Independent Scotland’s International Role

Alex Salmond will outline Scotland’s international role in the case of independence in the U.S today.

He will discuss the role of Scotland in areas such as climate justice, international development and conflict resolution at the Glasgow Caledonian Campus in New York. 110 more words

GCU New York Campus

My Friends, Grow Up!

Cards on the table, I am voting yes in the Scottish Independence Referendum in September of this year, as is my prerogative. It is my wish that this be followed by others, however I’m not stupid and know that as things stand, we will not be voting for independence for our country. 559 more words