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How do you solve a problem like Maria, er Gordon?

Followers of the minutiae of Scottish politics will know what my title means, although the feeble pun ‘Gordian knot’ could easily be substituted for ‘problem.’ 1,117 more words

Is Alex Salmond lying about 'The Vow'?

As ‘indyref’ aficionados know, one of the minor sideshows of the campaign was some ‘Will he, won’t he?’ speculation about whether Alex Salmond would consent to be interviewed by the forensically unforgiving Andrew Neil. 626 more words

Alex Salmond to stand for Westminster seat

From the BBC News

It would appear that former SNP leader and First Minister for Scotland, Alex Salmond, sees the importance of sitting in Westminster to make change to the nation; he is to stand for a seat at Westminster at next May’s General Election, the BBC understands. 879 more words


He's still standing...

After the vote on Scottish Independence which saw a win, all be it a narrow one, for the better together campaign, I was slightly surprised that Alex Salmond stood down as leader of the SNP. 281 more words


FOILED: Nationalist plot to ruin Christmas -The North British Post

Pictured – One of the vile nationalists plotting to ruin Christmas.

Political Correspondent – Joss Reynolds

It could have been one of the bleakest festive periods in British memory but thanks to the valiant efforts of the British security and intelligence services a nationalist plot to disrupt the festivities and bring Britain to its knees has been thwarted. 509 more words


UK Prime Minister snubs Scottish separatists: what if the UK were Spain?

There’s an interesting report in today’s Scotland on Sunday about a visit the Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy made yesterday to talk to the members of his party in Catalonia. 521 more words

What you've been searching for online: Schumacher, Salmond, Susanna Reid, Suarez...and loom bands

Get the brand new Playstation4: 1. Share using buttons below 2. Click for details. The World Cup, Michael Schumacher and the iPhone 6 have grabbed the public’s attention more than any other subject this year, according to search engine Yahoo. 6 more words