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Second Letter to Scotland

As with the first letter, the following is taken from a Facebook post, this one written the day after the ‘No’ victory in the Scottish Independence Referendum. 1,601 more words


My Letter to Scotland

The following is taken from a Facebook post I wrote the night before the Scottish Independence Referendum. The original post (and the rather interesting discussion that followed) can be viewed… 1,055 more words


Devo-Max Is A Terrible Idea!

In recent weeks the SNP have become exceedingly enthusiastic about devolution-max with such erstwhile nationalists as Nicola Sturgeon and Pete Wishart making the rounds of the media pressing the case for devo-max as the will of the Scottish people (code among Nationalists that they have recently changed policy)…so why have the SNP become such enthusiasts for devolution? 625 more words


What Will Nicola Sturgeon's SNP Look Like?

It’s official.

Nicola Sturgeon, the current deputy First Minister, will be the next leader of the Scottish National Party and Scotland’s next First Minister when Alex Salmond steps down. 716 more words


Exclusive: Ex-CBI boss tells Yes voters 'You're lucky to have lost'

  • Former CBI boss issues valedictory attack on Yes campaign
  • Business for Scotland says he is “out of touch”

The outgoing head of the employers’ body CBI Scotland has delivered a parting shot to the pro-independence lobby by claiming those who voted Yes had enjoyed a lucky escape. 633 more words

Scottish Independence

Salmond’s spending choices robbed NHS of £700 million | Conservative Friends of the UnionConservative Friends of the Union

The SNP’s decision to not increase spending on Scotland’s NHS in line with UK levels has deprived hospitals and patients of £700 million, research has revealed. 327 more words


The Scottish Question Has Not Been Answered

The referendum may have failed, but tens of thousands of people have signed up with pro-yes parties in the week since the vote. 1,257 more words