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So, what now?

Jamie Rodney – Leader of the Politics Department

So, as the referendum ends, and the hopes of the independence campaign are dashed, if not thrashed- for the time being, at least, it appears clear that politics- and particularly the politics of the left- will be changed significantly after the dust is settled. 1,755 more words

The 2014 Scottish Referendum: Twitter, Contested Ideas and Joining the Dots

Patrick McGhee

Twitter and the Referendum

So it’s over.  ‘No’ won by 55% to 45%. The campaign was fought on the doorsteps, TV channels, newspapers, pubs, schools, universities, workplaces and street corners all over Scotland. 2,245 more words

Patrick McGhee

Scottish No voters tricked: Salmond

Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond has accused the No campaign of tricking voters ahead of last week’s independence referendum.



Salmond is Right and the Vote was Wrong

Salmond: ‘No’ voters were ‘tricked’ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-29296282

Just days after the referendum, we now know that the leadership in Westminster was willing to do just about anything or promise everything if Scotland said No. 124 more words


Scottish Nationalist loss - a view from across the pond.

by Albert Thompson

Very short blog tonight. Joan McAlpine made an offhand remark about how the manifesto for independence produced by the SNP leadership made the American… 272 more words

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The Church has a unique role to play in healing Scotland's wounds

Yesterday morning we woke up to the news that nothing has changed – Scotland is still part of the United Kingdom and will remain so. Except of course there is the reality that things will never be the same again. 787 more words

Faith In Society

A night to remember, that some want to forget

First of all, I would like to apologise for not posting this yesterday –  after a full night’s working on Thursday a long rest was needed. 526 more words