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Yes or No, Scotland? In 2 Months We'll Know.

Less than 2 months to go.

I cannot wait for the relentless campaigning to be over.

So much of the drivel that the politicians are spouting every day seems to come down to whether or not we (Scots) will be a few hundred pounds better or worse off … who CARES! 299 more words

My View on Scottish Independence

I cannot claim to be an expert in the matter, nor am I an economist or politician (although this could actually aid my argument), however I feel that my thoughts on Scottish independence should be aired for mine and my readers sake. 1,031 more words


This Week in Scotland: TV Debates - Yes, No, Maybe...

This week has acted as a microcosm of the independence debate to date. Yes, no, maybe has been the underlying theme of the debate as voters continue to be bombarded with conflicting suggestions and ascertains but few concrete answers. 1,043 more words

Scottish Politics

Indyref debates confirmed

It could be one of the defining moments of the referendum campaign, or it could be a damp squib with politicians regurgitating already tired slogans, but whatever the outcome, the TV debates announced this weekend will certainly be closely watched by both sides of the referendum debate. 263 more words

Scottish Politics

The more powers guarantee that cannot be guaranteed

There we have it all three unionist party leaders in Scotland guarantee more powers for the Scottish Parliament if we vote no on Spetember 18th 2014. 382 more words


Loose cannon Matt Taylor, the parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown 2015, says he would welcome a £1 million donation from JK Rowling.

Speaking out after the news that the Harry Potter creator donated £1 Million to the ‘Say No’ campaign to stop a ‘Yes’ independent Scotland result, Matt Taylor says he would welcome a £1 Million donation from JK Rowling to ensure he wins the Brighton Kemptown 2015 general election. 442 more words

Alternative News

In the deep Brown stuff

On Monday, Mr Brown told journalists at a Westminster lunch: “I think it would be a good idea if David Cameron did debate Alex Salmond, but I’m not involved in the negotiations.”

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